Last Sunday

Still catching up, in terms of posts…

Another hot, humid day!

After doing housework in the morning, I decided to head out to the harbor. I stopped at West Marine first, to pick up new gloves, as my old pair was looking pretty ratty.

On the walk from West Marine to Aloha Tower, Superferry barges all gone:

Superferry barges all gone



Celebrity Century arriving:

Celebrity Century

A ride on the pilot boat to Pier 19.

The view is certainly improved, now that the barges are gone:

better view from Pier 19

Out to meet Manulani.

Captain Tom Collins going aboard:

TCollins Manulani

Returning to the harbor, Young Brothers barge Kukahi was holding up traffic:

holding up traffic

Ramps and a gangway belonging to Matson were being moved from the pier on to the barge.

Pi‘ilani helping to hold Kukahi steady:

Young Brothers barge Kukahi

The old HEI “Islands” logo is still visible to the right of “Limited.” Never noticed that before.

A female ‘iwa (the same one?) flying low over the water, fishing:

iwa fishing

Fix me!

needs fixing

Mahalo to Captains Heberle and Collins. Special thanks to Paul.


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