Painting Will Have to Wait

Rainy weather yesterday meant that painting the weather deck had to be postponed.

That’s okay. There were still things that had to be done.

During my inspection, a number of fairy terns were flying above the bow of the ship and around the breadfruit tree:

fairy terns flying

I hadn’t checked the ullages in quite a while (yeah bad), so I made sure I did that. I was glad that it was cloudy or it would have been awfully hot and uncomfortable.

It wasn’t long before the sun made its appearance:

mixture of clouds and sun

I considered staying longer to do some sweeping, but decided to call it a day (still lazy, I guess).

Walking to City Mill, I saw that the harbor tenant shuffle had begun in earnest.

Oil spill response vessels and barge are now where the Superferry barges were:

Hawaii Responder and barge


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