Cuauhtémoc Arrival – Honolulu Harbor

Monday was grand!

I took the day off from work to catch the arrival of the Mexican navy’s sail training ship, Cuauhtémoc. I was very fortunate to be allowed to do this from Foss’ Mikioi, the tug scheduled to assist the ship.

Although it was still hot, humid, and hazy, it was lovely and calm out on the water.

Heading out, we were escorted by a pod of spinner dolphins:

spinner dolphins

I will never get tired of seeing a sailing ship at sea. They are things of beauty.

Some views of Cuauhtémoc offshore:

Cuauhtémoc offshore

Cuauhtémoc stern

Cuauhtémoc approaching harbor

Passing the sea buoy, with Diamond Head in the distance:

Cuauhtémoc passing sea buoy

As the ship neared the harbor, the crew went aloft to man the yards:

climbing aloft

Entering the harbor:

Cuauhtémoc entering the harbor

Yards manned:

Cuauhtémoc manning the yards

top of the main mast

tip of bowsprit

Captain Ed Enos was the pilot:

Captain Enos and officers

There was some confusion as to the time the ship was supposed to arrive at the pier, so we had to kill a bit of time in the harbor.

As a result, the crews of the Shin Oita Maru and Miyagi Maru at Pier 9 and the visitors on board the cruise ship Oosterdam, got a good look at the ship:

Oosterdam and Shin Oita Maru

I got in some ship spotting.

Oosterdam at Pier 10:


High Endurance heading out:

High Endurance

Tug Pi‘ilani and pilot boat Kawika:

Kawika and Piilani

Crew members hauling the line from Mikioi aboard the ship:

hauling line aboard

Captain Kea Makekau carefully maneuvering Mikioi, per instructions from Captain Enos, to gently push the ship alongside Pier 8:

Capt Kea Makekau Mikioi wheelhouse

We returned to Pier 21. I was happy to get a peek at Mikioi‘s engine room before going ashore. 😀

After saying goodbye to new friends, I walked over to Aloha Tower.

Oosterdam‘s rat guards and bulbous bow:

Oosterdam rat guards

Oosterdam bulbous bow

Cuauhtémoc‘s crew attending to the figurehead (of Cuauhtémoc), part of preparing the ship to receive visitors:

attending to figurehead

One of Cuauhtémoc‘s rat guards:

Cuauhtémoc rat guard

Finally, I went over to Pier 7 to have a brief look at my ship. Poor girl. Forlorn…

Mahalo to Rick Wilson and Captain Whit Olson of Foss Maritime/Young Brothers. Also, thanks to Captain Ed Enos. Special thanks to Captain Kea Makekau, who made the photos possible!


4 comments on “Cuauhtémoc Arrival – Honolulu Harbor

  1. Hippo says:

    These are some amazing pictures!! Such a wonderful eye to capture all this.

  2. Capt Ed says:

    Another awesome day on our waterfront. Thaks for capturing so many beautiful images to help us all remember!

    • weeboopiper says:

      Thanks, Ed. It was a really lovely day. Capt. Makekau and I were talking about the tug boat hula contest. Would be great if we could bring it back.

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