Pau Hana Gathering

Last week, I hosted the second pau hana gathering on board Falls of Clyde. It’s just a small effort on my part to have a nice, chill evening with my maritime friends and to bring some life to the ship.

Pau Hana

I was slightly more organized this time and actually had time to do a better job cleaning and decorating the saloon.

The area of the bulkhead above the sideboard was once covered by a mirror. It was removed, I imagine, when the ship was being prepped for scuttling. I’ve always looked at the space and thought it was such a shame it looked so bad. I finally did something about it.





Sideboard dusted and cleaned, brass polished, lovely flowers courtesy of a kind friend, lights, and candle:

flowers lights

The result:

final effect

It was slightly too dark and needed another fan to circulate air better, but I was pleased by how much better things looked.

Wouldn’t it be something to restore the saloon back to what it was?


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