“Walking Away from Rainbows”

Many years ago while attending college in the Philadelphia area, my favorite radio station was WMMR. I used to listen to the Morning Zoo with John DeBella. One year, the program was broadcast live from London for about a week and featured various guests stopping by the studio.

The band GTR had recently released its first (and only) album and guitarists Steve Howe and Steve Hackett were two of the musical guests.

If I recall correctly, when the subject of his departure from Genesis (just before the band became hugely popular) came up, Steve Hackett replied that sometimes one has to walk away from rainbows, even though they are beautiful. For some reason, that’s stuck with me throughout the years.

He subsequently recorded the instrumental piece “Walking Away from Rainbows.” In an interview posted on Innerviews, when asked about it, he said:

“I think everyone gets the feeling at some point that it’s time to move on from whatever situation….There’s a feeling of sadness, but there’s also a feeling of resolve.”

I recently decided to walk away from my own rainbow…Falls of Clyde. It was a hard and painful decision.

I spent six years of my life doing what I could for her, often alone. While I grew increasingly frustrated and angry, I hung in there…for her. I shed blood, a lot of sweat, and tears for her. I was one of her crew and she was my ship. I loved her. Still do.

I am disappointed, but not in myself. I worked hard and I know I did my best. I can hold my head up high.

I am sad, but not for myself. I am sad for her.

That’s all I’ll say.


2 comments on ““Walking Away from Rainbows”

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Fair winds! I hope you’ll still post… I love being able to vicariously stay in touch with Oahu through your eyes.

    • weeboopiper says:

      Thanks for your support! Never fear, I will keep posting. I’m going to investigate some historical stuff related to the harbor. And I love ship spotting, so there will always be pics of ships.

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