Life AFOC*

I miss the ship. 😦

Is there life for me at the harbor away from the iron world? We shall see.

In the meantime, here are some images from November 9.

Car carrier, Genuine Ace heading out:

Genuine Ace

Passing by tanker Polar Resolution:

Polar Resolution and Genuine Ace



Hull texture!

Genuine Ace hull

Alongside Genuine Ace waiting for the pilot:

alongside Genuine Ace

Maunalei backing toward the pier:


Sikuliaq shifting to a different pier:

Sikuliaq shifting



Looking at the Sand Island bridge as the sun goes down:

Sand Island bridge at sunset

Tanker Valrossa and Horizon cranes:

Valrossa and Horizon cranes

Polar Resolution moving out away from the pier:

Polar Resolution depart at sunset

Pi‘ilani at the stern:

Polar Resolution departure

Ladder set up on the starboard side. Uh…a bit short there!

Polar Resolution ladder set up

Not the best or most exciting photo, but here are some ruddy turnstones on one of the buoys marking the harbor channel:

ruddy turnstones on buoy

Mahalo to Captains Baker, Enos, and Collins. Special thanks as always to Paul.

*After Falls of Clyde


2 comments on “Life AFOC*

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    R/V Sikuliaq hasn’t been to Alaska yet but she’s been to Hawaii!

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