New Year’s Day 2015

I keep my word.

I stopped by the ship on New Year’s Day to take down the holiday baubles and to have a look around.

“Hello old girl, have you missed me?”

FOC fo'c'slehead


holiday bauble to be removed

I saw that some work had been done (positive baby steps). I also saw things that bothered me, but I no longer have the authority to do anything about them.

I found a blue tarp that I wasn’t happy about. It was bunched up by the bulwark on the port side of the weather deck. I couldn’t see any purpose for it being there. I took the liberty of folding it up as best as I could (it was starting to break down and had large torn areas, so it wouldn’t lay flat in the wind) and stowing it below.

random blue tarp

I was happy to spend some time on the ship, but a bit sad as well.

Being just a minion has its good and bad points, as you can imagine. It also means there are new interpersonal dynamics. How it will all play out remains to be seen.

I left the ship but stayed at the harbor to watch the sun go down:

harbor sunset


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