Mostly Tugs…Again

Photos from this past Sunday.

Fishing boat Rising Phoenix:

Rising Phoenix



LPG tanker, Toyosu Maru, arriving:

Toyosu Maru

Turning the ship, Mamo at the stern:

Toyosu Maru stern Mamo

Mamo and Mikioi ready to push:

Mamo and Mikioi at work

JD Pringle II:

JD Pringle II

‘Iwa again:


Henry Sr. with Waialeale:

Henry Sr Waialeale



“A kiss on the cheek…”

kiss on the cheek

Mamo Manoa


2 comments on “Mostly Tugs…Again

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    ‘Kiss on the cheek’ is always exciting. Too far forward and you’re on the bulbous bow. Too far aft and you’re on the bow thruster or whacked by the overhanging hull.

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