Brilliant Friday Morning

Beautiful weather and a sailing ship. What a splendid way to end the week!

I was given the okay to tag along on board Foss’ tug Mamo for the arrival of Nippon Maru. 😀

Mamo at the pier:

Mamo at the pier

Mikiala II, the other tug scheduled to assist Nippon Maru:

Mikiala II

Pilot boat Kawika heading back into the harbor:


Looking back at JRS Canis at Pier 1:

JRS Canis

Nord Optimiser at anchor offshore:

Nord Optimiser at anchorage

Mamo approaching Nippon Maru:

approaching Nippon Maru

Cadets at the rail:

Nippon Maru cadets at rail

Crew member by starboard light:

Nippon Maru crew

Bow wave:

bow wave

Back in the harbor, a welcoming party on the pier:

welcoming party

Other harbor sights on the way to Kapalama Basin (to turn the ship).

Matson work boat in a hurry:

Matson work boat

B. Sky with a few truckloads of supplies on the pier:

B. Sky and supplies

A new view of Mokihana:


Horizon Spirit:

Horizon Spirit

Mahalo to Michael MacDonald and Rick Wilson of Foss Maritime/Young Brothers! A special mahalo to Captain Larry Lamarca and Chris Vincent.


2 comments on “Brilliant Friday Morning

  1. Cindy says:

    Mahalo! I live in a highrise nearby and watch the harbor daily. This morning we are watching the Nippon Maru, and wondered what it was. I was very happy to see you blog about it! Have a great day!

    • weeboopiper says:

      Aloha Cindy! Thank you for your comment. I hope you enjoyed watching NIPPON MARU. She’s a beautiful ship.

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