Busy Sunny Sunday

There was a lot of ship traffic in the harbor today. The weather was brilliant, so it was a great day to get some nice shots.

Just before sunrise:

dawn at the harbor

Nippon Maru shifting to Pier 2:

Nippon Maru shifting

A lovely sight! All of the yards perfectly square:

Nippon Maru stern view

Pi‘ilani and Mamo assisting:

Pi‘ilani and Mamo pushing



There’s just something about the morning light shining on a mast silhouetted against the sky…

morning light on mast and yards

Not as pretty as Nippon Maru, but with an appropriate name for her time of arrival, Sunlight Ace:

Sunlight Ace

Nord Steady:

Nord Steady

Nord Steady bow

Working on pilot ladder:

dealing with pilot ladder

B. Ace getting the engines going:

get the engines going

Some sort of drill with water hoses?

drill with hose

B. Sky shifting to Pier 1:

B Sky

B. Ace:

B Ace

MELL Springwood:

MELL Springwood

MELL Springwood bow

No doubt where a tug should push:


Nord Optimiser (previously anchored offshore):

Nord Optimiser

Pi‘ilani pushing:

Pi‘ilani Nord Optimiser

Loud rattling + splash = Maui testing to see if the port anchor and associated gear are functioning properly

Maui anchor dropped cloud of rust

Ha ha! Love the cloud of rust.


2 comments on “Busy Sunny Sunday

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Someone at Nippon Maru is going to want that photo square on the stern. Heck, *I* want that photo! It’s funny in a word play way that a tug should push where it clearly says ‘tug’ 🙂

    • weeboopiper says:

      I ran into some of the cadets on Sunday. My Japanese is very poor, so I was glad one of them spoke decent English. I managed to get contact info and was able to send some of the photos I had taken when the ship arrived. 😀 Can’t go wrong with the subject matter. Add to that perfect conditions (clear, calm)!

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