Sailing With a Cargo of Oil

“A cargo of oil is not the same as a cargo of general merchandise. It makes the ship too stiff, she don’t give to the sea, and it is hard on the rigging.” — Captain R. Williams, Master, Marion Chilcott (The Pacific Commercial Advertiser [Honolulu], September 25, 1903, p. 7)

The ship Falls of Clyde, Captain Engalls, arrived this morning after one of the best passages of the season from Port Harford. She made the run down in twelve days, which is very close to a record for an oil ship fully ladened. The Falls of Clyde is universally recognized as the finest sailing vessel which comes into this harbor. She is trim, neat, has beautiful lines and has always done fast work, both between this city and the Coast and when running from San Francisco to Hilo. Special credit should be given here for the present trip on account of the character of her cargo, as there is no freight which tends to slow down a vessel more than oil. — The Hawaiian Star [Honolulu], July 30, 1909, p. 2


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