Kaiwo Maru Departure

More photos of Kaiwo Maru!

Pi‘ilani arriving at the stern of the ship (check out the new paint job):


Pilot boat Honolulu next to Pi‘ilani, chatting while waiting:


Hello again Captain Kahoekapu!

Captain Kahoekapu

Pulling the ship away from the pier:

Kaiwo Maru away from pier

Manning the yards:

Kaiwo Maru yards manned

Passing Ile de Sein:

Kaiwo Maru passing Ile de Sein

Mikioi at the bow:


Mikioi and Kaiwo Maru

Setting up the pilot ladder:

setting up the pilot ladder

View from Honolulu along Kaiwo Maru’s hull:

view from Honolulu

Another lovely day!

Mahalo to Captain Tom Collins and Captain Fikes Mauia! Special thanks to Paul.


2 comments on “Kaiwo Maru Departure

  1. johnsie51 says:

    What a beautiful ship, and pictures, brilliant

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