San Francisco Ship Spotting – Morning

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit San Francisco for a few days for work.

On Thursday, I was supposed to meet my co-worker at 1000 at the Exploratorium. Waking up super early, I was able to squeeze in a bit of ship spotting to start off the day.

First stop was the old Matson Building on Market Street.

Matson Building

Nautical motif:

Matson Building detail

I walked over to the Ferry Building and boarded the ferry to Alameda.

I had noted (via the MarineTraffic app) that Lihue would be arriving and I was hoping to see her at the Matson terminal.

As the ferry pulled away from the pier, I could see Lihue approaching the Bay Bridge.

tug waiting for Lihue

Talk about good timing! (Yeah, I’m a nut. I hope no one saw the mad grin on my face.)

Looking back at the city:

San Francisco from ferry

Royal Melbourne pushing tank barge Bernie Briere:

tank barge Bernie Briere Royal Melbourne

Oakland gantry cranes:

Oakland gantry cranes

Passing Kauai at the Matson terminal:

find the seagull Kauai


It was great to finally see HMB-1, now owned by Bay Ship, at Alameda:

HMB-1 at Bay Ship

Sigh. What could have been…

Schnitzer Steel facility:

Schnitzer Steel yard

More old friends, Matsonia and Moku Pahu:

Matsonia Moku Pahu

Commuters on board, it was time to head back to San Francisco.

Here’s Lihue!


She had some problems related to her engines back in Honolulu, which delayed her departure. Glad she made it to the Bay Area safely.

(She’s currently back in Honolulu. 🙂 )

Sandra Hugh (same class as Pi‘ilani?) assisting:

Sandra Hugh

Goodbye Oakland:

returning to San Francisco

I saw a dolphin and tried to get a photo, but it didn’t turn out (can only see the top of its dorsal fin).

Passing under the Bay Bridge:

Bay Bridge

Back on land, a view of the Ferry Building:

Ferry Building

At anchor:

at anchor

Pilot boat San Francisco heading out:

pilot boat San Francisco

Posing seagull:


More to come…


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