Friends and New Friends

It was a good Halloween day, despite the dodgy weather. Seeing old friends is always fun. Meeting new friends is great.

I went down to the harbor to check out Geo Resolution.

Paul was pilot boat operator for the day:


Geo Resolution pulling away from Pier 10:

Geo Resolution

I met Instagram friend, hooligansailor, at Falls of Clyde. What a pleasure to speak with someone who understands ships like FOC!

Maui was arriving, so I asked Captain Ed Enos if we could go out with him on the pilot boat. It turned out that another Instagram friend, captain_oh_, was also going out with him.

A little hard to see, but note that the old home port of Maui was San Francisco:

Maui SF old home port

Pi‘ilani with Captain Schade, assisting Maui:


From Captain Enos’ Instagram account:

Finally, it was nice to meet Captain Mociun, who was the captain of Maui.

Mahalo to Paul and Captain Ed Enos.


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