Friday Off

Day off meant…ships!

Tanker Aurora N:

Aurora N

Pi‘ilani assisting:

Pi‘ilani Aurora N

Kaiyo Maru was at Pier 9, getting ready to depart.

I like the traditional work done for the fenders of this boat:

traditional fender Kaiyo Maru

Use whatever does the job:

fenders Kaiyo Maru


A hui hou:

Kaiyo Maru

In the afternoon, I was able to go out on Pi‘ilani for the Gener8 Argus arrival.

This was a three tug job. With Mamo:

Mamo Gener8 Argus in distance

And Mikioi:


Humpback whale spotting while waiting:

humpback in distance

It’s always awesome to see these big girls up close!

Gener8 Argus

Hello to the crew!

saying hello Gener8 Argus crew

Need a new net! The backboard still has the ship’s former name on it:

need new net

Go propeller!

go propeller

Mahalo to Rick Wilson and Michael MacDonald. Special thanks to Captain
Deron Schade.


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