Visiting Mary A. Whalen

In June 2014, I met Carolina Salguero of PortSide NewYork when she was here in Hawai‘i. It was very nice to see her again when I made it over to Red Hook to have a look at her tanker, Mary A. Whalen.

Mary A Whalen name

Carolina gave me a tour of the ship and talked about the projects in progress on board. I admire her efforts on behalf of the ship and the waterfront and her dedication to keeping the surrounding community involved.

Red Hook gantry cranes, looking toward Manhattan:

gantry cranes Red Hook

It was fun meeting ship’s cat, Chiclet. Here she is on deck, checking out Mr. ‘I‘iwi:

Chiclet meets Mr. ‘I‘iwi

Carolina securing the gangway:

Carolina raising gangway

Mary A Whalen

I wish I had more time to explore the neighborhood, but I had a train to catch.

Mahalo Carolina!


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