Independence Seaport Museum – Part 2

After leaving the museum building, I walked over to where the submarine Becuna and the cruiser Olympia are berthed.


I don’t have a huge interest in submarines, but I still enjoyed walking through Becuna while trying to imagine what it must have been like to work and live in such confined spaces.

Torpedo tube:

torpedo tube

Abstract wires and tubes:

abstract parts

Note: Becuna is a Balao-class sub like Bowfin (Pearl Harbor) and Pampanito (San Francisco), which I’ve seen.

Standing on Becuna, looking forward:

standing on Becuna with Olympia

I took more photos on board Olympia (another ship that needs help). I’m not familiar with the ship, so please drop me a note if I’ve got something wrong.

Olympia 01

Attractive circular skylight:

Olympia skylight

Officers’ mess room:

Olympia mess room

Hatch and access ladder (off limits):

down below

Builder’s plate:

builder's plate Union Iron Works

Top of an engine:

Olympia engine

prevent wear



Union Iron Works on machinery:

part of ash hoist machinery

I was fascinated by the ash hoist:

ash hoist

Metal scuttlebutt:


Printing press for producing ship publications:

printing press



Looking along the deck toward a gun:


Captain’s quarters:

Olympia captain's quarters


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