The End?

The dreaded day has finally come. DOT Harbors has revoked the permit allowing Falls of Clyde to remain at Pier 7.

While this action taken by Harbors is no surprise, it’s still painful to think about. It’s the nail in a coffin built by arrogance and ignorance.

There’s not much I can say that I haven’t already said over the past couple of years.

Old friend, you certainly deserve better. You have been lucky all these years, but it seems your luck has finally run out.

Thirty days.


Oh, long I stood gazing there, sad to be told
How all men neglected her, now she grew old;
And my heart just to see her with pity was sore
For her, once so lovely, now lovely no more.

I marked the thick grime on her main-deck forlorn,
I marked the poor masts of her, woeful and shorn;
And all of my thought was that sure it was shame
To see such an end of that clipper of fame.


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