BE Esmeralda – Morning and Evening

With the Chilean Navy’s barquentine Esmeralda at Pier 9, of course I had to go to the harbor and get photos.

I arrived early enough to catch the hoisting of the colors (U.S. and Chile) and ensign.

Ensign being hoisted on the staff at the stern of the ship:

hoisting the ensign

Smart salute:

saluting ensign

Since she is a navy ship, there are guns on deck:

gun on deck

Starboard light:

starboard light

Condor figurehead:

condor figurehead

There was a sign by the gangway saying that the ship would be open to the public starting later on that morning. Unfortunately, I had to go to work. So, I made plans to return in the afternoon.

Rat guard:

rat guard

Crest on end of bridge wing:


Nice star on wood grating near gangway:

star on wood grating

Capstan detail:

capstan detail

Wheel and bell:

bell and wheel

Fancywork on rail:


Circular crest just forward of the bridge:

circular crest

Looking aft:

looking aft

Up aloft:

up aloft

Lowering the ensign at sunset:

lowering the ensign

Light detail:

lights on the ship

ship with lights


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