Aloha BE Esmeralda

I went to the harbor to watch the departure of Esmeralda.

New Foss tug in town, Pacific Escort:

Pacific Escort

For those of you who care about such things, she has a Voith-Schneider propeller system.

Headed over to Esmeralda on board Mikioi:

Esmeralda from Mikioi

Crew with safety harnesses on:

crew in safety harnesses

A different view of the condor figurehead:

condor figurehead

Just off Pier 7 with pilot boat Kawika:

Esmeralda off Pier 7

Turned around and headed out of the harbor:

Mikioi along side


Headed back to Pier 21:

back to the pier

Captain Ross Bright:

Captain Bright

Spotted on the pier near the fishing boats, cute kittens playing among some old line:

pier kittens

Mahalo to Michael MacDonald, Rick Wilson, and Whit Olson. Special thanks to Captain Ross Bright and Ryan Cabral.


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