Divine Ace and Noordam

Divine Ace a little ahead of schedule. I made it just in time to get some shots before she left the harbor.

Divine Ace

Noordam heaving line stuck:


Rat guards:

Noordam rat guards

Crew member adjusting rat guards:

Noordam adjusting rat guards

Noordam bow:

Noordam bow

A group of crocodile needlefish hanging around:

crocodile needlefish friends


At the Harbor on a Pleasant Day

I did a search of my photos and found that I didn’t have any pictures of Riasu Maru. So it was off to the harbor this morning…

Kokua with Haleakala:

Kokua Haleakala

After the terrible weather we’ve been having (and the tsunami scare), one would think there would be a work party on board Falls of Clyde checking on things and taking advantage of the nice weather. I guess not. Sadly, I’m not surprised. It’s freaking depressing. Poor girl…slowly dying from neglect.

Falls of Clyde

She’s also listing slightly to port and is a little bit down by the stern. Does anyone care? Hello Friends of Falls of Clyde?

Riasu Maru approaching Pier 9:

Riasu Maru

Throwing a heaving line:

heaving line

The pilot on board Riasu Maru, Captain Sinclair Brown:

Captain Brown

Returning a heaving line:

returning heaving line

I had a nice chat with this gentleman. He used to be an agent and was just helping out this morning. As usual, I wasn’t thinking and neglected to get his name.

Hoku Loa and what looks like a submarine in the distance:

Hoku Loa

Captain Brown heading off on Kawika:


Large Tankers are Awesome!

The afternoon off from work was spent at the harbor taking photos of the Italian Suezmax tanker, Mare Picenum (Picenum is a former region of Italy).

These big tankers are just amazing. The ship was light, so more of her hull was exposed, which made her that much more impressive. I wasn’t the only one fascinated by her. A number of people stopped to watch as she entered the harbor and made her way to Pier 10.

Mare Picenum bow

Mare Picenum

Bow profile:

Mare Picenum bow profile

Name in Times Bold (graphic designer geek time):

Mare Picenum Times Bold

Bulbous bow detail:


One of my friends pointed out that this was a photobomb. Indeed! That’s Captain Ed Enos (Pilot 16) on board the pilot boat Honolulu. 😀 He was shooting photos/video of the ship as well. If you are on Instagram, check out his images @hicapted.

Some of the crew:

Mare Picenum crew

Various fender and bumper patterns on the hull:

patterns on hull

patterns on hull 1

patterns on hull 2

patterns on hull 3

An unhappy encounter with something:

scrape draft marks

More crew:

Mare Picenum crew and tug arrow

Ready with the heaving line:

ready with heaving line

The pilot, Captain Steve Baker, on the bridge wing:

Pilot 12 on bridge wing

Bulkhead and scupper:

bulkhead and scupper

Pi‘ilani (one of the three Foss tugs assisting the ship)…waiting for the line:

waiting for the line on Piilani

Still waiting:

still waiting for the line

Almost ready to go:

Piilani at Mare Picenum stern

Anchor wash still going:

anchor wash and lines

Bow detail:

Mare Picenum bow detail