Sign the Petition…

Help stop the State of Hawai‘i from evicting the National Historic Landmark ship Falls of Clyde from Honolulu Harbor. This ship is the only one of her kind in left in the world.

The following link will take you to the petition:
Save the Falls of Clyde

In addition, you can help by contacting your local politicians, news outlets, sharing on social media…spread the word!


For me, this is déjà vu, in a bad way. Much more painful than in 2008. Sigh.


2 comments on “Sign the Petition…

  1. Jerry Lopez says:

    I always have a small piece of the FOC history as a crew member of the USS Yonaguska YTM-195 (US Naval Station Pearl Harbor. We dispatched to Honolulu to assist the FOC in docking . It was a rare occasion for a harbor tug to go outside the Pearl Harbor confines. To me it was exciting. I do recall the collection(s) to raise the money to implemant the the rescue. It is indeed a sad tale to know that $$$$ are the only thing that kills a proud history.

    • weeboopiper says:

      Jerry, thank you for your service to the country. I would like to hear more about your experience as a crew member of USS Yonaguska and make sure that your part in the history of FOC is noted.

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