Värske vee varumine / Collecting fresh water

An interesting painting of Russian sailors collecting water with the help of locals.


„Liberty men“ saabuvad Kantonist / „Liberty men“ returning from Canton

National Maritime Day

Yesterday was National Maritime Day in the United States. I had the opportunity to take part in a memorial ceremony offshore.


First of all, I stopped by the ship to check on her, as I usually do when I’m in the area. I bought some flowers for the service at sea and decided to leave a few in the fo’c’sle for any of the old crew lingering about:

flowers for the crew

We left from Pier 9 on board Mana‘o.

Stern view of the Falls:

FOC stern

Out beyond the entrance to Honolulu Harbor, looking back at downtown Honolulu:

out to sea

Captain Ed Enos reads a letter from Senator Mazie Hirono:

Capt Enos and Leighton Tseu

Copy of the letter:

2013.05.22_National Maritime Day

This was followed by a moving oli by Mr. Leighton Tseu:

L Tseu

Offerings, thoughts, and heartfelt words to shipmates, friends, and colleagues who have passed on:

offering of beer


Brown booby wondering what all the fuss was about:

brown booby on buoy

Then it was back to the harbor and life on land:

Security Zone sign

Back at Pier 9:


Cal Maritime’s Golden Bear at Pier 10:

Golden Bear

Book about Basil Hall

Oo! Someone has finally written a book about my favorite Royal Navy officer, Basil Hall! I must have a copy!

That Curious Fellow: Captain Basil Hall, RN by James McCarthy.

I have been studying his life for a number of years now. He was an interesting man and a wonderful writer.

I have a small collection of his books and a few letters. My prize possession is his calling card.

Seize Time by the Forelock

“The great art of accomplishing things in life, is to take advantage of every opportunity, and in no profession in the world is this more conspicuous than in the life of a sailor.

“In a sailor’s life, ‘time’ must always be seized by the forelock; as the very thing he lives in is a complicated piece of machinery, which he governs, under Providence, so as to make the winds and waves subservient to it.”

— Captain Francis Liardet, R.N. (The Midshipman’s Companion)