Divine Ace and Noordam

Divine Ace a little ahead of schedule. I made it just in time to get some shots before she left the harbor.

Divine Ace

Noordam heaving line stuck:


Rat guards:

Noordam rat guards

Crew member adjusting rat guards:

Noordam adjusting rat guards

Noordam bow:

Noordam bow

A group of crocodile needlefish hanging around:

crocodile needlefish friends


Past Weekend – Vessels and Fauna

Adjusting fenders between Fukushima Maru and the pier:

Fukushima Maru adjusting fenders







“Why, hello little pilot boat.” Pi‘ilani and Kawika:

hello pilot boat

Harbor mamo and papio mingle:

mamo and papio mix

Also spotted in the harbor…uh oh…a roi or peacock grouper (Cephalopholis argus), which is an invasive species:

peacock grouper

Black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) looking for a meal:

black-crowned night heron

I Should be Working…

…but I went to the harbor instead. What a surprise.

Hai Soon 39:

Hai Soon 39



Lots of them in the harbor.

Mysterious, small, orange floats by Pier 15:

mysterious floats

Weeks tug and barge:

Weeks tug and barge

Noho Loa in a hurry:

Noho Loa

O.M. Humorum with Tira Lani and Mikioi:

O.M. Humorum

Not a very good photo. Oh well.

February Ends, March Begins

I came down with a bad cold, so I wasn’t feeling up to posting these earlier.


Something different. False kamani (Terminalia catalpa) leaves:

false kamani

Cruising around, looking for food:


Noke’s stern:

lost shoe Noke

Someone missing a shoe?

American Contender detail:

American Contender detail


I’m not sure if this is the best solution, but at least someone did something about the boat:

Kulamanu boat

Waiting for BBC Shanghai to leave:

BBC Shanghai

Or, maybe not.

Mamo arriving to assist:

Mamo to BBC Shanghai

Or, maybe not.

Mamo BBC Shanghai

Mamo returning

Well…that was a waste of time.



Mikioi assisting Manoa:

Mikioi Manoa

Too Nice to Stay Home

I really should have been doing some housework, but yesterday was such a lovely day!

First stop was FOC. Old habits die hard.

no one aboard

I was curious to see if anything was going on. No one was there. 😦 Shame, as it was a perfect day to do work on deck. Oh well. Moving on…

Natoma was heading out:


Star Princess was at Pier 10.

Rat guards:

Star Princess rat guards

Stack detail:

Star Princess stack detail



While I was up on the Aloha Tower observation deck, a lovely family from Boston asked me where Diamond Head was.

Oh…it’s over…there…oh…hmm…

They showed me the text in the tourist publication that said one could see Diamond Head from the tower.

I admit that I was quite dismayed that all that was visible through all of the buildings was just a small slice of mountain. No wonder they were confused!

Nakolo at Pier 14:


School of papio:

school of papio

Poor Moku Ahi. I guess someone is looking after her though. Still shiny:

Moku Ahi detail

Jury-rig fence repair with part of an old fan, producing something that looks like a steel spider’s web:

steel web

Ao Shibi IV:

Ao Shibi IV

Didn’t I say it was a nice day? Look at how clear the mountains are!

clear day

Gasp! A flying thing! Hawaiian Airlines plane overhead:

Hawaiian plane

Ocean Pathfinder heading past Mokihana:

Ocean Pathfinder passing Mokihana

I saw something moving in the water. At first I thought it might be a sea turtle, but it wasn’t behaving like one:

what is it

My best guess from what I saw…some sort of large ray?

Mikioi and the mystery animal in the foreground:

what is it 2

Mikioi again with Mokihana shifting to Pier 32:

Mikioi Mokihana

Horizon Lines gantry crane at work unloading Horizon Spirit:

Horizon gantry crane

As I was watching Mokihana, a fishing boat arrived at the pier. There were already a number of boats tied up and the captain was trying to squeeze in to the space that was left. The maritime version of parallel parking.

This was not a good idea:

oh oh too close

Brief Visit to the Harbor

A few pics from Saturday.

Fishing boat Lady Mocha I:

Lady Mocha I

Small cargo ship CRS Rebecca:

CRS Rebecca

Three large crocodile needlefish:

three needlefish

Spotted boxfish:

spotted boxfish

Spawning wana (sea urchin):

wana spawning

Portrait of a spotted dove:

spotted dove

Spring Line – Redux

Adjustments made to the “new” spring line.

new spring line

Much better. The other old line should be changed as well.

A school of papio was hanging around between the hull of the ship and the pier:

papio school