Matson Navigator

Ex-Horizon Navigator

In the harbor for a quick (unscheduled) stop on the way back to the Mainland from China.

Matson Navigator Mamo

Matson Navigator

Matson Navigator bow

Matson Navigator stern detail

Matson Navigator Mikioi Mamo

Matson Navigator stern

After she left the harbor, I lingered for a bit to try out shots with a tripod. Mixed results.

Hoku Loa

Hoku Loa tripod


Pasha Hawaii Ships – New and Old, but New

Horizon Enterprise, now in Pasha Hawaii livery, has been stuck in the harbor due to problems with a boiler, so I hear. She was moved to Pier 10 from Pier 32 by three tugs (deadship tow).

Horizon Enterprise dead ship tow

Horizon Enterprise new livery

Horizon Lines no more:

Horizon Lines no more

Pasha logo

Old-style lifeboat:

old style lifeboat

no tug


draft marks

Horizon Enterprise detail

Horizon Enterprise bow

One of the three tugs, Mikiala II:

Mikiala II

Churning up the water:

Mikiala II detail

Later on in the evening, Marjorie C:

Marjorie C

Waiting for the pilot:

waiting for pilot

Mahalo to Captain Ed Enos and Paul!


Yesterday, I managed to get over to the harbor to get my first photos of Pasha’s new ship Marjorie C:

Marjorie C

Horizon Consumer was shifting from Pier 51 to Pier 2.

Passing Manukai and Manoa:

Matson ships and Horizon Consumer

Horizon Consumer

Mikioi at the bow:


Pi‘ilani at the stern:

Pi‘ilani Horizon Consumer

Evening at the harbor:

early evening at harbor

Various Things – Small and Large

While waiting for Legend of the Seas to leave, I was looking at the rocks around where I was sitting (that’s the closest I got to the beach today).

Found a sea urchin test:

sea urchin test

Lots of pipipi:


I’m not a big fan of modern cruise ships, but variety is good.

Legend of the Seas:

Legend of the Seas

Unusual to see a fishing boat with a sailboat rig. Ka Imi Kai:

Ka Imi Kai

Old workhorse, Matsonia:


Another old workhorse, Horizon Consumer:

Horizon Consumer

Pasha Hawaii containers at Young Brothers pier:

Pasha Hawaii containers

Slow Weekends

There haven’t been any exciting new ships in the harbor over the past few weekends. Still, it’s a pleasure to be out and about to see the old familiar ones.

Horizon Reliance loaded with containers, getting ready to leave:

Horizon Reliance

B. Ace bow:

B Ace bow

Saturday Afternoon

Containment boom in the way, can’t move barge:

boom in the way

Namahoe and Ne‘ena:

Namahoe Neena

USCGC Sherman leaving the harbor:

USCGC Sherman

Cargo outbound. Mokihana and Kwai (with sail up):

cargo outbound

Tira Lani:

Tira Lani

JRS Canis:

JRS Canis

School of fish running away from something:

run away

Mary Catherine:

Mary Catherine sunset


Horizon Spirit with tugs Mikioi and Pi‘ilani:

Horizon Spirit