Matson and Tugs

Mahimahi departing. With Foss tugs Freedom and Pi‘ilani.


Getting pushy. Freedom versus Mikioi.

pushing contest





Miki Hana:

Miki Hana

Maunawili arriving. With Mikioi:



Very Much Appreciated!

After a few rough weeks, it was wonderful to be allowed to tag along with Captain Enos on the Horizon Reliance job. There is nothing like being out on the water.

On board Honolulu:

Capt Enos on Honolulu

Horizon Reliance:

Horizon Reliance

I love the lines of these old LASH ships!


sunset Piilani



P & R boats in the harbor:

P&R boats

Horizon Reliance turning in the basin:

Horizon Reliance turning basin

The Admiral’s Barge (from Pearl Harbor) hauled out on PSI’s dry dock:

Admiral's Barge hauled out

Had a rough week too?

long day

Thanks to Captain Ed Enos and Paul. Feel much better.

Aloha BE Esmeralda

I went to the harbor to watch the departure of Esmeralda.

New Foss tug in town, Pacific Escort:

Pacific Escort

For those of you who care about such things, she has a Voith-Schneider propeller system.

Headed over to Esmeralda on board Mikioi:

Esmeralda from Mikioi

Crew with safety harnesses on:

crew in safety harnesses

A different view of the condor figurehead:

condor figurehead

Just off Pier 7 with pilot boat Kawika:

Esmeralda off Pier 7

Turned around and headed out of the harbor:

Mikioi along side


Headed back to Pier 21:

back to the pier

Captain Ross Bright:

Captain Bright

Spotted on the pier near the fishing boats, cute kittens playing among some old line:

pier kittens

Mahalo to Michael MacDonald, Rick Wilson, and Whit Olson. Special thanks to Captain Ross Bright and Ryan Cabral.

Arrivals In the Harbor

While it’s interesting to see new or different ships, it’s always good to see “old friends.”

Just arrived, Maunawili:


Waiting for the pilot:

Maunawili stern

Horizon Reliance passing by, headed to her pier:

Horizon Reliance

Waiting for the pilot again:

view from Honolulu

Maunawili and cranes silhouetted against the sky:

Maunawili sunset

Mahalo to Captains Collins and Demuth. Special thanks to Paul.

Out to Manulani

Captain Ed Enos capturing some video:

Capt Enos video

On the port side of Manulani, approaching the pilot ladder:



Not sure what was going on here just before the arrival of BBC France (in the distance):

what is going on

Harbor Police boat:

Harbor Police boat



BBC France:

BBC France

Something new and a bit of a surprise, a large red-eared slider:

red eared slider

Someone’s abandoned or runaway pet? It was swimming away from the area where Nu‘uanu Stream flows into the harbor.

Moana Holo:

Moana Holo

Genius Highway

Car carriers are pretty ugly. These grey ones are the worst. Boring. Too bad they can’t paint them interesting colors.

Genius Highway

Kawika (Hi Paul!):


Mikioi just passing by:

Mikioi passing by


Genius Highway stern view