More Ship Spotting

More time on the pilot boat!

On the way out of the harbor, the Coast Guard working on a buoy:

Coast Guard working on buoy

Captain Ed Enos getting ready to go aboard Coral Bay:

Capt Enos Coral Bay





Mega yacht Vava II

Vava II

(Just a small fraction of what it cost to build this yacht would be nice to help FOC.)

Jean Anne

Jean Anne

Coral Bay at the pier:

Coral Bay

Coral Bay rat guards:

Coral Bay rat guards

Hachinohe Maru, a wood chip ship:

Hachinohe Maru

Thanks to Captain Ed Enos!


Deal Sinks for Seaport Museum Ship –

Deal Sinks for Seaport Museum Ship –

Welsh Interlude

I am a fan of traditional music, especially that of the British Isles. With their history and culture intertwined with the sea, it is no surprise to find many tunes and songs that have maritime themes.

One of my favorite Welsh songs is “Llongau Caernarfon” (Ships of Caernarfon). I first heard the Ar Log version many moons ago on NPR’s “Thistle & Shamrock” program. The song is about a lad who is at the harbor watching the sailing ships taking on cargo and getting ready to sail. He wants to be a sailor and longs to go to sea on board one of them.

“Toc daw’r stemar bach i’w towio…”

Steam tug 'Ben More' on the Thames
National Maritime Museum: Steam tug ‘Ben More’ on the Thames

“Shortly, a small steamer (tug) comes to tow them…”

For anyone looking for information related to Welsh maritime history, this excellent site (focus on north Wales) is a good place to start:

Hysbysrwydd Arforol Gwynedd / Gwynedd Maritime Database

Ship Spotting – San Francisco

APL Germany:

APL Germany

Pacific Success passing under the Golden Gate Bridge:

Pacific Success

A neat thing was seeing ships that have called at Honolulu Harbor in the past.

One of these is Chevron’s Oregon Voyager:

Oregon Voyager J O'Brien

Note: That’s SS Jeremiah O’Brien in the dry dock to the right.

From June of last year:

mamo and oregon voyager

Matson’s Lihue next to the dry dock:


And, yes, I guess I’ve been spending too much time at Honolulu Harbor, because I could recognize this as a Matson ship:

Maui arriving at SF

It’s Maui approaching the Bay this past Monday.

According to the Honolulu Harbor shipping schedule, Maui should be arriving here tomorrow afternoon.

Pallada – Honolulu Harbor

Here is a sampling of some of the photos I took this morning.

Entering the harbor:


Pallada approaching Pier 9:

Pallada approaching Pier 9

Pi‘ilani pushing Pallada closer to the pier:

Pallada stern Piilani

Heaving line with a very nice monkey’s fist:

heaving line

Mat to prevent chafing:

mat chafing gear

Rat guard!

Pallada rat guard

On the bowsprit:

Pallada bowsprit


up aloft

Returning to the deck:

returning to the deck

The cadets are able to smoke at the stern of the ship. Here is the pot for the ashes/butts:

big ash pot

More examples of chafing gear:

chafing gear

eye chafing gear


Since I was down at the pier, I applied one more coat of le Tonkinois on FOC’s rail for good measure.

MWA Newsletter: Clamor Arises Over Deteriorating Seaport Ships

From Save Our Ships:

MWA Newsletter: Clamor Arises Over Deteriorating Seaport Ships.

Very sad to see that more historic ships are in trouble.