Morning at the Harbor and Kaiwo Maru

I went down to the harbor to watch the arrival of Kaiwo Maru.

Workers repairing Pier 8:

fixing the pier

Naina headed out:


The observation area of Aloha Tower provides good views.

Matsonia and Mokihana:

Matsonia and Mokihana

American Challenger:

American Challenger

Kaiwo Maru approaching the harbor, with pilot boat Honolulu returning and tug Mamo waiting:

Kaiwo Maru approaching

Kaiwo Maru with Mamo at the bow:

Kaiwo Maru and Mamo

Approaching Pier 10/11:

Kaiwo Maru to Pier 10

Standing by forward:

standing by

ASD Neil Abercrombie (Tiger 1) at the stern:

Tiger 1 at Kaiwo Maru stern

Job done:

Tiger 1 Abercrombie

Traditional gear, Shonan Maru:

Shonan Maru chafing gear

Out of the blue, I was offered the opportunity to go aboard Kaiwo Maru in the evening! Some photos follow.

Double wheel at the stern:

Kaiwo Maru stern wheel

View forward from the bridge:

view from bridge of Kaiwo Maru

Looking aft along the port side:

view along port side Kaiwo Maru

The obligatory rigging shot:


Capstan detail:

Kaiwo Maru capstan

Pin rail:

pin rail

Classroom area:

classroom area

Sails stowed down below:

Kaiwo Maru sails stored below


Kaiwo Maru gangway


Big mahalo to Monique Acosta from Transmarine for the invite! I had a wonderful time on board the ship.


Waiting for the Dawn and an Ending

Thanks to a heads up from Captain Ed Enos, I was able to make it down to the harbor to catch the final journey of Pacific Shipyards International’s (PSI) dry dock Kāpilipono.

In “better” days:

13 06.09 PSI lg drydock 01 sm

Resting on the bottom after she sank last year:

Kapilipono down

I arrived at the harbor while it was still dark.

Japanese training ships Tosakaien Maru and Hokuho Maru at Pier 9:

Tosakaien Maru Hokuho Maru

The cruise ships usually arrive early in the morning. Here’s Ruby Princess:

Ruby Princess

Not the greatest photo, but here comes the sun (and I say it’s all right):


Tying up Ruby Princess at Pier 10/11:

shore gang mooring lines

Clear and calm water (Tosakaien Maru bow):

Tosakaien Maru bow

Fellow photographer on board Ruby Princess:

getting the shot from Ruby Princess

View down the channel:

morning light

After a bit of a wait, Kāpilipono appeared, towed by Manuokekai and assisted by Mamo and Mikioi.

Passing the Matson gantry cranes:

passing by Matson gantry cranes

Manuokekai Kapilipono


The tugs were joined by Hoku Loa before passing Aloha Tower. At this point I was very lucky to be invited to hop on the pilot boat.

The Coast Guard making sure everything is all right:

Coast Guard boat

Mikioi on the port side:

Mikioi assisting

Captain Enos up on the dry dock wall:

Capt Enos

Leaving the harbor with Ruby Princess and Aloha Tower in the background:

Kapilipono Ruby Princess Aloha Tower

heading out of the harbor

Manuokekai ahead:


Hoku Loa astern:

Hoku Loa

One could not have asked for a better day. Sunny, clear, and calm.

Aloha, Kāpilipono:

towing out to sea

She was towed 12 miles offshore and scuttled.

Meanwhile, life continued on in the harbor.

Miyagi Maru, waiting offshore while Kāpilipono was being towed out, was finally able to enter the harbor:

Miyagi Maru

Kwai at the pier, almost ready to leave with a load of cargo:

Kwai stern detail

Containers being unloaded from Matson’s Haleakala:


Ocean Pathfinder arrived with a barge:

Ocean Pathfinder

Ice for the fishing boats:

ice for fishing boats

Literally, a cool job.

Moving containers:

moving containers

containers on barge

Mahalo to Captain Enos, Captain Collins, and Paul.

Nippon Maru

I took the morning off from work to watch the arrival of Nippon Maru. I got to the harbor shortly after sunrise. I love the light at that time of day.

Paradise Ace:

Paradise Ace

Harbour Loyalty and Tacoma Trader:

Harbour Loyalty Tacoma Trader

Mokihana arriving:

sunrise Mokihana

Mamo at the bow:

Mamo Nippon Maru bow

Looking along the hull from Pi‘ilani:

along the hull

Aloha Tower from alongside Pier 10:

Aloha Tower Pier 10

Kawika passing by, waiting for the pilot:


Getting the line back:

line back

I like how the shape of the building echoes the masts:

Nippon Maru and buildings

From Nippon Maru it was over to Paradise Ace:

in the shadow of Paradise Ace


Paradise Ace scuppers

Paradise Ace departing

Another view of Nippon Maru dwarfed by the buildings of downtown Honolulu:

Nippon Maru downtown buildings

Mahalo to Rick Wilson and Michael MacDonald. Special thanks to Captain Kahoekapu.

From the Tower…Mostly Matson

Matsonia stuck at Pier 10 (better that than out at sea)…poor girl. I went to have a look at her.


Matsonia bow

Matsonia garage

Matsonia at Pier 10

Matsonia detail

It’s rare to see a Matson stack towering over Pier 10 these days.

There was quite a bit of traffic while I was up on Aloha Tower.

Mokihana leaving a little late:




Mokihana leaving

Passing JRS Canis with Maui waiting off shore:

Maui JRS Canis and Mokihana

Mikioi Pi‘ilani Mokihana





Maui with Mokihana in the distance:

Maui Mikioi Mokihana Pi‘ilani


Maui turning

Nice to see the Coast Guard cutter Morgenthau again (back from shipyard in the Bay Area):

Morgenthau and runway

USCGC Sherman with Jag Laxmi in the distance:

Sherman and Jag Laxmi

Kokua with Mauna Loa:

Kokua Mauna Loa

Mikiala II:

Mikiala II

Going to assist Moana Holo with Maka‘ala:

Mikiala II Moana Holo Maka'ala

Last…the dorms are close to becoming a reality.

soon to be dorms

Crazy. :\

(shakes head and walks away)

Mixed Emotions

Mirroring the weather—cloudy with rain then changing to sunshine then back to cloudy—yesterday was a day of mixed emotions.

I went to Pier 9 to get pics of the arrival of the Japan Coast Guard training ship Kojima.

Moana Holo on the move:

Moana Holo

Kojima approaching Pier 9:

Kojima arriving

Cadets standing at attention:

Kojima cadets standing at attention

Ready with a heaving line:

Kojima crew ready with heaving line

Fender ready:

fender ready

Attaching safety netting to the gangway:

safety netting on gangway

Pilot boat Honolulu arriving to pick up the pilot:


A glance over the harbor from Aloha Tower reveals the changes going on.

New location for Atlantis operations:

harbor changes Atlantis

Interesting ship of the day was the French cable laying ship, Ile de Sein.

Ile de Sein name

There was a fire on board the vessel a few days ago. She will remain in the harbor until repairs are made.

Detail of equipment on deck:

Ile de Sein detail

Ile de Sein by Aloha Tower:

Ile de Sein by Aloha Tower

A side note about the ship. She was involved in the effort to recover the flight data recorders from Air France flight 447. The aircraft went down in the Atlantic during a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. Unfortunately, there were no survivors.

More from gCaptain: Cable laying vessel “Ile De Sein” selected to recover Air France flight 447 data recorder

In terms of the mixed emotions…I’ll cover that in my next post.

Too Nice to Stay Home

I really should have been doing some housework, but yesterday was such a lovely day!

First stop was FOC. Old habits die hard.

no one aboard

I was curious to see if anything was going on. No one was there. 😦 Shame, as it was a perfect day to do work on deck. Oh well. Moving on…

Natoma was heading out:


Star Princess was at Pier 10.

Rat guards:

Star Princess rat guards

Stack detail:

Star Princess stack detail



While I was up on the Aloha Tower observation deck, a lovely family from Boston asked me where Diamond Head was.

Oh…it’s over…there…oh…hmm…

They showed me the text in the tourist publication that said one could see Diamond Head from the tower.

I admit that I was quite dismayed that all that was visible through all of the buildings was just a small slice of mountain. No wonder they were confused!

Nakolo at Pier 14:


School of papio:

school of papio

Poor Moku Ahi. I guess someone is looking after her though. Still shiny:

Moku Ahi detail

Jury-rig fence repair with part of an old fan, producing something that looks like a steel spider’s web:

steel web

Ao Shibi IV:

Ao Shibi IV

Didn’t I say it was a nice day? Look at how clear the mountains are!

clear day

Gasp! A flying thing! Hawaiian Airlines plane overhead:

Hawaiian plane

Ocean Pathfinder heading past Mokihana:

Ocean Pathfinder passing Mokihana

I saw something moving in the water. At first I thought it might be a sea turtle, but it wasn’t behaving like one:

what is it

My best guess from what I saw…some sort of large ray?

Mikioi and the mystery animal in the foreground:

what is it 2

Mikioi again with Mokihana shifting to Pier 32:

Mikioi Mokihana

Horizon Lines gantry crane at work unloading Horizon Spirit:

Horizon gantry crane

As I was watching Mokihana, a fishing boat arrived at the pier. There were already a number of boats tied up and the captain was trying to squeeze in to the space that was left. The maritime version of parallel parking.

This was not a good idea:

oh oh too close

Away From Land

My land-based existence proved to be a bit of a downer this past Saturday. It wasn’t the best way to end a busy week.

As usual, I sought solace at the harbor.

I left the house early (still dark) Sunday morning because a ship I wanted to see was supposed to leave at 0700.

“Here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right…”


Fresh air, calm sea, clear sky, quiet pier. How can one not feel at peace?

peaceful harbor

I even had a little friend to keep me company for a little while!


0700 came and went. No Seiyo Pioneer. Hm.

That’s okay. There was the tanker Hai Soon 39:

Hai Soon 39

Since it was such a nice day and I wasn’t ready to head home, I went to Kewalo Basin.

I was sad to see that the old Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant had been reduced to a few piles of rubble:

Fisherman's Wharf rubble

I guess it was really showing its age, but still…

I still didn’t want to go home, so I asked if I could ride along on the pilot boat for the afternoon Matson job (Manoa arrival).

Needs a bit of rust-busting:

needs some paint

This trip was a bit special as Manoa was sporting a Christmas tree!

Manoa with Christmas tree

(Yes, she was carrying a shipment of trees.)

A closer look at the tree:


Mikioi at the bow:




Turning the ship:

Manoa stern

I got to see Seiyo Pioneer after all:

Seiyo Pioneer

Pi‘ilani at the stern with the crew on the ship waiting to lower the line:

Pi‘ilani and Seiyo Pioneer

Leaving the harbor behind:

Seiyo Pioneer hull looking back

Pilot ladder set up on the port side, taken from pilot boat Kawika with Captain Fikes Mauia at the wheel:

view from Kawaika

Mahalo to Captains Tom Heberle and Al Dorflinger. Special thanks to Captain Mauia for making the good shots possible and for the interesting conversation.

A side note—Captain Mauia also rescued this shearwater that he saw in the water in the harbor. It was unable to get airborne.


Good job!

ETA: Please see the graphic below from the Hawai‘i Wildlife Center for information about how you can help save downed seabirds.