Beautiful Day

It was such a lovely day that any thoughts of going to the office vanished once I stepped out of the house.



Foss tugs were helping out with fuel barges today.

Mikioi with Ne‘ena before the the barge was towed out of the harbor by Namahoe (hidden behind the barge):

Mikioi helping out with Ne‘ena

Mamo with Alaska Mariner and barge Capella moving to Pier 1:

Mamo assisting with Capella

Nice to see Eleu!


Splendid Ace:

Splendid Ace

(Check out the difference in size between Eleu and Mikioi)

Splendid Ace crew:

Splendid Ace crew

Alaska Mariner is a smart-looking tug:

Alaska Mariner



I posted a picture of Fortuna a little while back. Here’s another one:


I’ve been keeping an eye on her. Maybe the State should as well? It would be pretty pathetic if she ends up like Judy K.

The waterfront mix of the day:

waterfront mix

(Matson barge Haleakala, Alaska Mariner, Grand Princess)


I stopped by the harbor to drop off a few things.

Peekaboo! Kokua with barge Mauna Loa:

Kokua and Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa turned

Settsu leaving:


Settsu bow

Tira Lani assisting:

Tira Lani

Hello to the captain of Star of Honolulu:

Star of Honolulu captain

Not the most exciting photo, but it shows work being done on Pier 12:

Fixing Pier 12

Long overdue.

Out and About

Having spent most of the week at home, I was happy to get out and do something.

Something = Go to Harbor

Coast Guard boat on patrol:

USCG boat

Noho Loa:

Noho Loa

Jost leaving:


Jost and Piilani

Hello Mamo!

hello Mamo

Mamo cranes



Lights… Henry Sr., Mumbai, and Mokihana:

Henry Sr Mumbai Mokihana

February Ends, March Begins

I came down with a bad cold, so I wasn’t feeling up to posting these earlier.


Something different. False kamani (Terminalia catalpa) leaves:

false kamani

Cruising around, looking for food:


Noke’s stern:

lost shoe Noke

Someone missing a shoe?

American Contender detail:

American Contender detail


I’m not sure if this is the best solution, but at least someone did something about the boat:

Kulamanu boat

Waiting for BBC Shanghai to leave:

BBC Shanghai

Or, maybe not.

Mamo arriving to assist:

Mamo to BBC Shanghai

Or, maybe not.

Mamo BBC Shanghai

Mamo returning

Well…that was a waste of time.



Mikioi assisting Manoa:

Mikioi Manoa

1914 Wharf Names and Pier Numbers (Honolulu Harbor)


Pier 1 – Army Wharf (marine planter)
Pier 2 – Channel Wharf
Pier 3 – I.-I. Coal Wharf
Pier 4 – Marine Railway Site (proposed wharf)
Pier 5 – Naval Wharf No. 1
Pier 5A – Naval Wharf No. 2
Pier 6 – Richards St. Wharf
Pier 7 – Alakea St. Wharf
Pier 8 – Fort St. Bulkhead Slip
Pier 9 – Fort St. Bulkhead Front
Pier 10 – Oceanic Wharf
Pier 11 – Allen & Robinson Frontage
Pier 12 – Brewer Wharf
Pier 13 – Nuuanu St. Wharf
Pier 14 – Mauna Kea Wharf
Pier 15 – Queen St. Bulkhead Wharf
Pier 16 – Hackfield Wharf
Pier 17 – Railroad Wharf
Pier 18 – Railroad Wharf (mauka)
Pier 19 – Railroad Wharf (makai) N4

Honolulu Star-Bulletin (15 January 1914)

Saturday Afternoon

Containment boom in the way, can’t move barge:

boom in the way

Namahoe and Ne‘ena:

Namahoe Neena

USCGC Sherman leaving the harbor:

USCGC Sherman

Cargo outbound. Mokihana and Kwai (with sail up):

cargo outbound

Tira Lani:

Tira Lani

JRS Canis:

JRS Canis

School of fish running away from something:

run away

Mary Catherine:

Mary Catherine sunset


Horizon Spirit with tugs Mikioi and Pi‘ilani:

Horizon Spirit