I stopped by the harbor to drop off a few things.

Peekaboo! Kokua with barge Mauna Loa:

Kokua and Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa turned

Settsu leaving:


Settsu bow

Tira Lani assisting:

Tira Lani

Hello to the captain of Star of Honolulu:

Star of Honolulu captain

Not the most exciting photo, but it shows work being done on Pier 12:

Fixing Pier 12

Long overdue.

Out and About

Having spent most of the week at home, I was happy to get out and do something.

Something = Go to Harbor

Coast Guard boat on patrol:

USCG boat

Noho Loa:

Noho Loa

Jost leaving:


Jost and Piilani

Hello Mamo!

hello Mamo

Mamo cranes



Lights… Henry Sr., Mumbai, and Mokihana:

Henry Sr Mumbai Mokihana

February Ends, March Begins

I came down with a bad cold, so I wasn’t feeling up to posting these earlier.


Something different. False kamani (Terminalia catalpa) leaves:

false kamani

Cruising around, looking for food:


Noke’s stern:

lost shoe Noke

Someone missing a shoe?

American Contender detail:

American Contender detail


I’m not sure if this is the best solution, but at least someone did something about the boat:

Kulamanu boat

Waiting for BBC Shanghai to leave:

BBC Shanghai

Or, maybe not.

Mamo arriving to assist:

Mamo to BBC Shanghai

Or, maybe not.

Mamo BBC Shanghai

Mamo returning

Well…that was a waste of time.



Mikioi assisting Manoa:

Mikioi Manoa

1914 Wharf Names and Pier Numbers (Honolulu Harbor)


Pier 1 – Army Wharf (marine planter)
Pier 2 – Channel Wharf
Pier 3 – I.-I. Coal Wharf
Pier 4 – Marine Railway Site (proposed wharf)
Pier 5 – Naval Wharf No. 1
Pier 5A – Naval Wharf No. 2
Pier 6 – Richards St. Wharf
Pier 7 – Alakea St. Wharf
Pier 8 – Fort St. Bulkhead Slip
Pier 9 – Fort St. Bulkhead Front
Pier 10 – Oceanic Wharf
Pier 11 – Allen & Robinson Frontage
Pier 12 – Brewer Wharf
Pier 13 – Nuuanu St. Wharf
Pier 14 – Mauna Kea Wharf
Pier 15 – Queen St. Bulkhead Wharf
Pier 16 – Hackfield Wharf
Pier 17 – Railroad Wharf
Pier 18 – Railroad Wharf (mauka)
Pier 19 – Railroad Wharf (makai) N4

Honolulu Star-Bulletin (15 January 1914)

Saturday Afternoon

Containment boom in the way, can’t move barge:

boom in the way

Namahoe and Ne‘ena:

Namahoe Neena

USCGC Sherman leaving the harbor:

USCGC Sherman

Cargo outbound. Mokihana and Kwai (with sail up):

cargo outbound

Tira Lani:

Tira Lani

JRS Canis:

JRS Canis

School of fish running away from something:

run away

Mary Catherine:

Mary Catherine sunset


Horizon Spirit with tugs Mikioi and Pi‘ilani:

Horizon Spirit

Happy Day!

With the sun comes another opportunity. And a much better one, at that!

I found out that Valrossa was leaving this morning, rather than last night. So, I got my photos after all.


Valrossa bow

Valrossa stern

I was surprised to see the new pilot boat, Puakea, in use. She’s cute!


Marine debris being collected:

collecting marine debris

Fishing boat St. Damien:

St Damien

The water in the harbor was back to its normal, calm state.

Here is the wall at the end of Pier 7 for comparison with the photo from Saturday:

back to normal

Part of Kulamanu’s boat is now in the water:

boat needs help

How long before it breaks loose and becomes a hazard?

Niolo with barge Noa:

Niolo with Noa

One of these tugs does not belong:

one does not belong

It’s Noke:

Noke with Horizon Enterprise

Pi‘ilani at the stern of Horizon Enterprise:

Piilani with Horizon Enterprise

Horizon Enterprise headed to the Horizon Lines terminal:

Horizon Enterprise stern

American Emerald’s hull and bumper detail:

American Emerald hull and bumper detail

Nunui’s deck:

Nunui deck

Plans Go Awry

Despite a forecast of nasty weather (rain, strong wind), I decided to go to the harbor to catch the arrival of the tanker Valrossa.

rough weather

While waiting, I wandered along Pier 9.

Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth was at Pier 10/11.

Spray from the swells beating against her stern:

surge Queen Elizabeth

Mat protecting the hull of Hokuho Maru:

Hokuho Maru mat

Hoku Ke‘a:

Hoku Ke‘a

Honolulu taking the pilot out to Valrossa:

Honolulu headed out

I watched Falls of Clyde rolling at her berth at Pier 7.

Port side of the ship:

FOC port side swell

Sigh. Poor girl.

Large swell hitting the wall at the end of Pier 7:

wave makai side Pier 7

Valrossa was approaching the harbor, when I heard a loud “bang” from FOC. Oh-oh. That didn’t sound good. I hurried over to the ship.

Oh great. Problem with the gangway. Again.

FOC gangway problem

Although I haven’t had much to do with the ship (by choice) since I resigned from the organization, I notified the board members and waited until one of them showed up. I could have left then, but I stayed to help.* So much for photos of Valrossa.

The weather improved over the course of the afternoon. I was pleased to get some nice shots of Queen Elizabeth as she left the harbor.

Queen Elizabeth detail

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth bow

Mikioi assisting:

Mikioi Queen Elizabeth

passenger silhouette

Blocky stern!

Queen Elizabeth stern

The Star of Honolulu and Navatek I were floating around in the harbor. I assume this was because it was too rough for them to do their normal off-shore dinner cruises?

Star of Honolulu:

Star of Honolulu

With Queen Elizabeth gone, Hokuho Maru was preparing to shift to Pier 10.

Getting ready to remove gangway:

Hokuho Maru gangway


Hokuho Maru fender

Pulling away from Pier 9:

Hokuho Maru pulling away from pier

*Big mahalo to Rick Wilson and the crew of Pi‘ilani (Captain Jeff Page, Chris Vincent, and Bruno Fonoti-Ulufale) for answering the call. You guys are awesome!