From the Tower…Mostly Matson

Matsonia stuck at Pier 10 (better that than out at sea)…poor girl. I went to have a look at her.


Matsonia bow

Matsonia garage

Matsonia at Pier 10

Matsonia detail

It’s rare to see a Matson stack towering over Pier 10 these days.

There was quite a bit of traffic while I was up on Aloha Tower.

Mokihana leaving a little late:




Mokihana leaving

Passing JRS Canis with Maui waiting off shore:

Maui JRS Canis and Mokihana

Mikioi Pi‘ilani Mokihana





Maui with Mokihana in the distance:

Maui Mikioi Mokihana Pi‘ilani


Maui turning

Nice to see the Coast Guard cutter Morgenthau again:

Morgenthau and runway

USCGC Sherman with Jag Laxmi in the distance:

Sherman and Jag Laxmi

Kokua with Mauna Loa:

Kokua Mauna Loa

Mikiala II:

Mikiala II

Going to assist Moana Holo with Maka‘ala:

Mikiala II Moana Holo Maka'ala

Last…the dorms are close to becoming a reality.

soon to be dorms

Crazy. :\

(shakes head and walks away)

Ela Effects

Horribly hot and humid today due to the effects of former tropical storm Ela on local weather conditions. I didn’t feel like doing my normal walk around the harbor, but I still managed to get some photos.

Matsonia safe in port after a loss of power due to engine problems:


My best flying fairy/white tern (Gygis alba) shot yet:

fairy tern



While watching Kauai, there was a splash in the water just a few feet from where I was standing on the pier. It was a honu.

A bit too slow with the camera:

just missed it

Kauai bow lookout:

Kauai bow detail

Mamo passing by Kauai:


Friday Off – Pre 4th of July

I was very happy to have Friday off. I spent part of the afternoon on board Pi‘ilani.

Following Mikioi out of the harbor (H buoy, Cap Blanche, and Kawika in the distance):

Mikioi heading out

Kawika heading back to the harbor:


Mikioi waiting for Cap Blanche:


Cap Blanche

Approaching the ship:

approaching Cap Blanche

View along the hull from Pi‘ilani:

view down the hull

It was very cool to observe things from the tug. I usually watch from shore.

Also in the harbor…



Cable ship IT Intrepid:

IT Intrepid

A big mahalo to Michael MacDonald, Rick Wilson, Deron Schade, and Larry Lamarca. Hello to Paul!


Yesterday, I managed to get over to the harbor to get my first photos of Pasha’s new ship Marjorie C:

Marjorie C

Horizon Consumer was shifting from Pier 51 to Pier 2.

Passing Manukai and Manoa:

Matson ships and Horizon Consumer

Horizon Consumer

Mikioi at the bow:


Pi‘ilani at the stern:

Pi‘ilani Horizon Consumer

Evening at the harbor:

early evening at harbor