On Board Pi‘ilani – Kaiwo Maru Job

This past week was a busy one, but much better than the last.

I had a lot of fun on Tuesday! The Japanese training ship Kaiwo Maru moved from the offshore anchorage to Pier 11. I had a good view of all the action from the Foss tug, Pi‘ilani.

Before leaving the pier, I asked if I could have a look at the engine room. Pretty cool!

One of the engines:

one of Pi'ilani's engines

Another photo of Ile de Sein, as we headed out:

Ile de Sein by Aloha Tower

One couldn’t have asked for a nicer day!

Approaching the anchorage:

Kaiwo Maru offshore anchorage

Pilot boat Honolulu, heading back to the harbor after taking the pilot, Captain Ed Enos, out to the ship:


What a lovely sight!

Kaiwo Maru offshore

Raising the anchor:

Kaiwo Maru raising anchor

Heading to the harbor:

Kaiwo Maru with Diamond Head

like a post card

headed toward the harbor

Kaiwo Maru stern

Emory Carrick heaving a line up to the Kaiwo Maru crew:

throwing line

Some of the Ile de Sein crew having a look at the ship:

watching from Ile de Sein

Mikioi, the other tug assisting the ship:


I’ve always been interested in what people come up with in the way of chafing gear.

I was pleased to see a design similar to a couple I made for Falls of Clyde:

chafing gear

An old work in progress photo of one of my projects:

chafing gear in progress

(I really miss doing this sort of stuff. :( )

Adjusting mooring lines and putting chafing gear in place:

adjusting lines and chafing gear

Wrapping the line around the bitts:

line around the bitts

Not the best photo, but it shows a mooring line stopper in use:

mooring line stopper

Finally, putting rat guards on the lines:

Kaiwo Maru rat guard

A big mahalo to Michael MacDonald, Rick Wilson, and Whit Olson of Foss Maritime/Young Brothers! Special thanks to Captain Kamaile Kahoekapu and Emory Carrick.

Mixed Emotions

Mirroring the weather—cloudy with rain then changing to sunshine then back to cloudy—yesterday was a day of mixed emotions.

I went to Pier 9 to get pics of the arrival of the Japan Coast Guard training ship Kojima.

Moana Holo on the move:

Moana Holo

Kojima approaching Pier 9:

Kojima arriving

Cadets standing at attention:

Kojima cadets standing at attention

Ready with a heaving line:

Kojima crew ready with heaving line

Fender ready:

fender ready

Attaching safety netting to the gangway:

safety netting on gangway

Pilot boat Honolulu arriving to pick up the pilot:


A glance over the harbor from Aloha Tower reveals the changes going on.

New location for Atlantis operations:

harbor changes Atlantis

Interesting ship of the day was the French cable laying ship, Ile de Sein.

Ile de Sein name

There was a fire on board the vessel a few days ago. She will remain in the harbor until repairs are made.

Detail of equipment on deck:

Ile de Sein detail

Ile de Sein by Aloha Tower:

Ile de Sein by Aloha Tower

A side note about the ship. She was involved in the effort to recover the flight data recorders from Air France flight 447. The aircraft went down in the Atlantic during a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. Unfortunately, there were no survivors.

More from gCaptain: Cable laying vessel “Ile De Sein” selected to recover Air France flight 447 data recorder

In terms of the mixed emotions…I’ll cover that in my next post.

Slow Weekends

There haven’t been any exciting new ships in the harbor over the past few weekends. Still, it’s a pleasure to be out and about to see the old familiar ones.

Horizon Reliance loaded with containers, getting ready to leave:

Horizon Reliance

B. Ace bow:

B Ace bow

Beautiful Day

It was such a lovely day that any thoughts of going to the office vanished once I stepped out of the house.



Foss tugs were helping out with fuel barges today.

Mikioi with Ne‘ena before the the barge was towed out of the harbor by Namahoe (hidden behind the barge):

Mikioi helping out with Ne‘ena

Mamo with Alaska Mariner and barge Capella moving to Pier 1:

Mamo assisting with Capella

Nice to see Eleu!


Splendid Ace:

Splendid Ace

(Check out the difference in size between Eleu and Mikioi)

Splendid Ace crew:

Splendid Ace crew

Alaska Mariner is a smart-looking tug:

Alaska Mariner



I posted a picture of Fortuna a little while back. Here’s another one:


I’ve been keeping an eye on her. Maybe the State should as well? It would be pretty pathetic if she ends up like Judy K.

The waterfront mix of the day:

waterfront mix

(Matson barge Haleakala, Alaska Mariner, Grand Princess)


I stopped by the harbor to drop off a few things.

Peekaboo! Kokua with barge Mauna Loa:

Kokua and Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa turned

Settsu leaving:


Settsu bow

Tira Lani assisting:

Tira Lani

Hello to the captain of Star of Honolulu:

Star of Honolulu captain

Not the most exciting photo, but it shows work being done on Pier 12:

Fixing Pier 12

Long overdue.