From the Tower…Mostly Matson

Matsonia stuck at Pier 10 (better that than out at sea)…poor girl. I went to have a look at her.


Matsonia bow

Matsonia garage

Matsonia at Pier 10

Matsonia detail

It’s rare to see a Matson stack towering over Pier 10 these days.

There was quite a bit of traffic while I was up on Aloha Tower.

Mokihana leaving a little late:




Mokihana leaving

Passing JRS Canis with Maui waiting off shore:

Maui JRS Canis and Mokihana

Mikioi Pi‘ilani Mokihana





Maui with Mokihana in the distance:

Maui Mikioi Mokihana Pi‘ilani


Maui turning

Nice to see the Coast Guard cutter Morgenthau again:

Morgenthau and runway

USCGC Sherman with Jag Laxmi in the distance:

Sherman and Jag Laxmi

Kokua with Mauna Loa:

Kokua Mauna Loa

Mikiala II:

Mikiala II

Going to assist Moana Holo with Maka‘ala:

Mikiala II Moana Holo Maka'ala

Last…the dorms are close to becoming a reality.

soon to be dorms

Crazy. :\

(shakes head and walks away)

Break from Work

Things have been busy at work, so it was nice to be able to spend some time at the harbor.

Hello to the Coast Guard:

Coast Guard boats

Jurkalne arriving:


Mikioi at work:


Atlantis vessels returning home.



Huki Nui and sub:

Huki Nui and sub

Ela Effects

Horribly hot and humid today due to the effects of former tropical storm Ela on local weather conditions. I didn’t feel like doing my normal walk around the harbor, but I still managed to get some photos.

Matsonia safe in port after a loss of power due to engine problems:


My best flying fairy/white tern (Gygis alba) shot yet:

fairy tern



While watching Kauai, there was a splash in the water just a few feet from where I was standing on the pier. It was a honu.

A bit too slow with the camera:

just missed it

Kauai bow lookout:

Kauai bow detail

Mamo passing by Kauai:


Friday Off – Pre 4th of July

I was very happy to have Friday off. I spent part of the afternoon on board Pi‘ilani.

Following Mikioi out of the harbor (H buoy, Cap Blanche, and Kawika in the distance):

Mikioi heading out

Kawika heading back to the harbor:


Mikioi waiting for Cap Blanche:


Cap Blanche

Approaching the ship:

approaching Cap Blanche

View along the hull from Pi‘ilani:

view down the hull

It was very cool to observe things from the tug. I usually watch from shore.

Also in the harbor…



Cable ship IT Intrepid:

IT Intrepid

A big mahalo to Michael MacDonald, Rick Wilson, Deron Schade, and Larry Lamarca. Hello to Paul!