Yesterday, I managed to get over to the harbor to get my first photos of Pasha’s new ship Marjorie C:

Marjorie C

Horizon Consumer was shifting from Pier 51 to Pier 2.

Passing Manukai and Manoa:

Matson ships and Horizon Consumer

Horizon Consumer

Mikioi at the bow:


Pi‘ilani at the stern:

Pi‘ilani Horizon Consumer

Evening at the harbor:

early evening at harbor

Brief Stop

I didn’t think I was going to get any photos this weekend, but I managed to pay a short visit to the Kewalo Basin area.

Point Panic wave and bodysurfers with Manukai in the distance:

Manukai and Point Panic wave

Persistence Lab next to Honua:

Persistence Lab

Modern sampan Nisei detail:

Nisei detail

Late Start

Missed bus, so decided to walk down the hill rather than wait for an hour.

View from the heights of today’s target:

view from the heights

Iver Exact:

Iver Exact

Nohea with barge Noa:

Nohea with Noa


light fixtures

Past Weekend – Vessels and Fauna

Adjusting fenders between Fukushima Maru and the pier:

Fukushima Maru adjusting fenders







“Why, hello little pilot boat.” Pi‘ilani and Kawika:

hello pilot boat

Harbor mamo and papio mingle:

mamo and papio mix

Also spotted in the harbor…uh oh…a roi or peacock grouper (Cephalopholis argus), which is an invasive species:

peacock grouper

Black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) looking for a meal:

black-crowned night heron

No Refuge Today

Falls of Clyde has become my Hotel California it seems.

“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

I am trying to do what I can in this time of crisis, but it really sucks that it feels like I am back on the board.

I was feeling weird and stressed out about things and I had to get away from the computer and answering emails. Visiting the harbor is usually healing. Not today. As much as I tried to ignore her as I stood on the pier by Gordon Biersch, she was there over my shoulder…calling me.

I wish I didn’t care, but that would be like cutting my heart out.

Anyway, I have photos, as usual.

Work on Pier 15 has begun in earnest:

work on Pier 15

Detail of barge and workboat:

workboat and barge details

This buoy has seen better days:

buoy seen better days

Containment boom around Pier 12, which is also being repaired:

containment boom Pier 12

Shonan Maru chafing gear:

Shonan Maru chafing gear

Overseas Kythnos with Ne‘ena alongside:

Overseas Kythnos Ne‘ena

Namahoe executing a graceful spin on her way to move Ne‘ena:


Namahoe spin

Namahoe alongside Ne‘ena

On Ne‘ena:

Ne‘ena detail

You can have your line back now:

you can have your line back

Overseas Kythnos detail:

Overseas Kythnos detail

More fuel barge action. Niolo and Mikioi moving Sasanoa:

Niolo and Mikioi moving Sasanoa

Niolo towing:


Mikioi assisting:

Mikioi and Sasanoa

Maunawili arriving:

Maunawili bow


Hello to Jesse. It was nice meeting and talking with you.