Slow Weekends

There haven’t been any exciting new ships in the harbor over the past few weekends. Still, it’s a pleasure to be out and about to see the old familiar ones.

Horizon Reliance loaded with containers, getting ready to leave:

Horizon Reliance

B. Ace bow:

B Ace bow

Back to the Wooden World

After a little bit of prodding from a good friend, my mind has turned back to the long-neglected wooden world.

Cobwebs need dusting.

The iron world still exists, but I remain an exile.

If you are interested in the Age of Sail, specifically the naval side of things, join me in the Sailing Navies (1650–1850) Forum and help me get rid of the cobwebs.

I Should be Working…

…but I went to the harbor instead. What a surprise.

Hai Soon 39:

Hai Soon 39



Lots of them in the harbor.

Mysterious, small, orange floats by Pier 15:

mysterious floats

Weeks tug and barge:

Weeks tug and barge

Noho Loa in a hurry:

Noho Loa

O.M. Humorum with Tira Lani and Mikioi:

O.M. Humorum

Not a very good photo. Oh well.

Beautiful Day

It was such a lovely day that any thoughts of going to the office vanished once I stepped out of the house.



Foss tugs were helping out with fuel barges today.

Mikioi with Ne‘ena before the the barge was towed out of the harbor by Namahoe (hidden behind the barge):

Mikioi helping out with Ne‘ena

Mamo with Alaska Mariner and barge Capella moving to Pier 1:

Mamo assisting with Capella

Nice to see Eleu!


Splendid Ace:

Splendid Ace

(Check out the difference in size between Eleu and Mikioi)

Splendid Ace crew:

Splendid Ace crew

Alaska Mariner is a smart-looking tug:

Alaska Mariner



I posted a picture of Fortuna a little while back. Here’s another one:


I’ve been keeping an eye on her. Maybe the State should as well? It would be pretty pathetic if she ends up like Judy K.

The waterfront mix of the day:

waterfront mix

(Matson barge Haleakala, Alaska Mariner, Grand Princess)