Anyone home?

We are a month into a new year and there is still no noticeable effort by the Friends of Falls of Clyde to stir up interest in saving the ship.

Time is ticking away…

New board members and new ideas needed before it’s too late.

Way Behind

It’s been a busy month. I have stuff to post but haven’t had the chance to do so. I’ll try to catch up.

This past week was a long one. I had to work yesterday and today (Sunday) too. I wasn’t sure if I would have time to make it down to the harbor, but I managed to get there. It was a welcome mental break.

P&O ship, Aurora:


Is this your truck?


Maunawili turning:


Bow detail:

Maunawili bow detail

No smoking:

no smoking

Walking back into town, I spotted this beaver weather vane:

beaver weather vane

It was a rather curious thing to see.

Interesting pattern on a palm tree trunk reminded me of a zebra:


Happy to Be at the Harbor

Asiatic Dawn:

Asiatic Dawn

P Pioneer:

P Pioneer

Mary Catherine passing by:

Mary Catherine

Waiting for Mokihana:


Hello Pi‘ilani:


Hello Mikioi:


Not liking all the construction in the Kaka‘ako area (visible in the background).

Mokihana hull:

Mokihana hull

Setting up the ladder for the pilot:

setting up ladder

I posted a shot similar to this one before, but I like the lighting here.

Back to Pier 1, just mauka of Asiatic Dawn.

Asiatic Dawn‘s bulbous bow:

Asiatic Dawn bulbous bow

Oops. Not good. Hope the operator is okay.


Mahalo to Captains Demuth and Enos. Hello to Captain Oh. Special thanks to Paul.

When Worlds Collide

I was very fortunate to be invited, via work (nothing to do with ships), to check out Pasha’s Horizon Pacific.

Horizon Pacific name

On the bridge with the chief mate:

on the bridge

View forward:

view forward

Gantry crane detail:

gantry crane detail

Spreader picking up container:


no tug

Mahalo to my coworkers for thinking of me (the ship nut)!

Monday Off

Day Off = Go to Harbor

Horizon Spirit (my first of her with her Pasha Hawaii paint job, I think):

Horizon Spirit

Looks like Nico’s is doing well:


Marsupial & Extinct Bird? ;) Wonder if tourists from Australia and New Zealand scratch their heads?

Koala Moa

Grain storage detail:

grain storage

Boom texture:

boom texture



BBC Amisia departure delayed. I was rather disappointed I couldn’t get a good photo due to the fuel barge.

BBC Amisia



Nene, which I consider a “cute” tug (along with Noke):


Nene detail

One Hundred Years Ago Today…

“The oil ship Falls of Clyde is unloading 16,500 barrels of fuel oil and 30 drums of gasoline for the Associated Oil Company today. She arrived yesterday from Gaviota.”—Honolulu Star-Bulletin, p. 2 (22 Dec 1915)