Matson and Tugs

Mahimahi departing. With Foss tugs Freedom and Pi‘ilani.


Getting pushy. Freedom versus Mikioi.

pushing contest





Miki Hana:

Miki Hana

Maunawili arriving. With Mikioi:



Sometimes Things Work Out

We don’t get to see too many Maersk ships, so I wanted to go to the harbor to have a look at Maersk Michigan.

It seemed as though the universe was conspiring against me. The camera on my fancy phone started acting strange, so that needed to be taken care of at the Apple Store at Ala Moana. It looked like I was going to miss getting photos of the ship arriving because of this. My appointment was for 1650 and the ship was scheduled for 1730. After the tech problem with the phone was solved, I quickly made my way to the harbor only to find…no ship. Eh? Wah!

While I was talking to a friend on the phone, Mikioi and Pi‘ilani along with the pilot boat headed out. A glimmer of hope!

I sat on a bollard and enjoyed the evening.

As the sun set behind the Wai‘anae range, Maersk Michigan appeared offshore (she came over from Pearl Harbor). Yay!

Maersk Michigan

Ran into Rick Wilson, who stopped by to take photos as well.

Curious red streak. Crepuscular ray?

red streak

Robert C. Seamans:

RC Seamans

Honolulu going to pick up the pilot:


Activity at the pier:

Maersk Michigan at the pier