Things were looking really scary for a while with hurricanes Madeline and Lester headed for Hawai‘i. Fortunately, Madeline turned to the south and Lester to the north of the islands. Whew!

Due to the hurricane threat, there was no harbor traffic in the morning, but things picked up in the afternoon after it became clear Lester was moving away from O‘ahu.

Kinei Maru No. 83 arriving at Pier 9:

Kinei Maru No

Crew handling mooring lines at the bow:

mooring lines

Tug Hawaii and barge Capella with Pi‘ilani assisting:

Hawaii and Piilani with barge

Tanker Ross Sea heading to the offshore anchorage:

Ross Sea

Ross Sea bow

Ross Sea draft marks:

Ross Sea draft marks

View from offshore:

view from offshore

Back in the harbor with another tanker, St. Joseph:

St Joseph Mikioi

Mikioi at the bow:

Mikioi St Joseph


Piilani St Joseph

St. Joseph tying up at Pier 51:

St Joseph at pier

Salishan with Matson barge Mauna Loa:

Salishan with Mauna Loa

Job done. Mikioi headed back.

Mikioi job done

Mahalo to Captains Enos, Hopkins, and Demuth. Special thanks to Paul.


Harbor Sunset

After spending most of the weekend in front of my computer, I took a few hours off to get some fresh air.

Poor Falls of Clyde…in limbo. So very depressing. Impounded by the state but still owned by the Friends of Falls of Clyde. I guess the powers that be don’t mind that their names will go down in maritime history as the “bad guys.”

Falls of Clyde

Too bad that it’s only money that talks. History’s voice is silenced by greed.

One bright spot in all of this is that I’ve made some new friends. People who understand and care about the fate of ships like FOC.

Maunawili and tug Hoku Ke‘a:

Maunawili and Hoku Ke‘a

Horizon Reliance assisted by Mikioi and Pi‘ilani:

Horizon Reliance

Mana‘o approaching Pier 9 to pick up some folks:


Horizon Reliance‘s distinctive stern:

Horizon Reliance stern


sunset Pi‘ilani

Sign the Petition…

Help stop the State of Hawai‘i from evicting the National Historic Landmark ship Falls of Clyde from Honolulu Harbor. This ship is the only one of her kind in left in the world.

The following link will take you to the petition:
Save the Falls of Clyde

In addition, you can help by contacting your local politicians, news outlets, sharing on social media…spread the word!


For me, this is déjà vu, in a bad way. Much more painful than in 2008. Sigh.

More Sun and Water

I took the day off. Much needed rest and a visit to the harbor again.

Jean Anne arriving:

Jean Anne

Kaiyo Maru was getting ready to leave Pier 9.

Captains Enos and Hopkins along with the ship’s captain:

Capts Enos and Hopkins Kaiyo Maru

Kaiyo Maru crew with fender:

Kaiyo Maru crew with fender

Bye bye!

Kaiyo Maru leaving Pier 9

JD Pringle arrived towing something:

JD Pringle towing something

Very Much Appreciated!

After a few rough weeks, it was wonderful to be allowed to tag along with Captain Enos on the Horizon Reliance job. There is nothing like being out on the water.

On board Honolulu:

Capt Enos on Honolulu

Horizon Reliance:

Horizon Reliance

I love the lines of these old LASH ships!


sunset Piilani



P & R boats in the harbor:

P&R boats

Horizon Reliance turning in the basin:

Horizon Reliance turning basin

The Admiral’s Barge (from Pearl Harbor) hauled out on PSI’s dry dock:

Admiral's Barge hauled out

Had a rough week too?

long day

Thanks to Captain Ed Enos and Paul. Feel much better.

Aloha BE Esmeralda

I went to the harbor to watch the departure of Esmeralda.

New Foss tug in town, Pacific Escort:

Pacific Escort

For those of you who care about such things, she has a Voith-Schneider propeller system.

Headed over to Esmeralda on board Mikioi:

Esmeralda from Mikioi

Crew with safety harnesses on:

crew in safety harnesses

A different view of the condor figurehead:

condor figurehead

Just off Pier 7 with pilot boat Kawika:

Esmeralda off Pier 7

Turned around and headed out of the harbor:

Mikioi along side


Headed back to Pier 21:

back to the pier

Captain Ross Bright:

Captain Bright

Spotted on the pier near the fishing boats, cute kittens playing among some old line:

pier kittens

Mahalo to Michael MacDonald, Rick Wilson, and Whit Olson. Special thanks to Captain Ross Bright and Ryan Cabral.

BE Esmeralda – Morning and Evening

With the Chilean Navy’s barquentine Esmeralda at Pier 9, of course I had to go to the harbor and get photos.

I arrived early enough to catch the hoisting of the colors (U.S. and Chile) and ensign.

Ensign being hoisted on the staff at the stern of the ship:

hoisting the ensign

Smart salute:

saluting ensign

Since she is a navy ship, there are guns on deck:

gun on deck

Starboard light:

starboard light

Condor figurehead:

condor figurehead

There was a sign by the gangway saying that the ship would be open to the public starting later on that morning. Unfortunately, I had to go to work. So, I made plans to return in the afternoon.

Rat guard:

rat guard

Crest on end of bridge wing:


Nice star on wood grating near gangway:

star on wood grating

Capstan detail:

capstan detail

Wheel and bell:

bell and wheel

Fancywork on rail:


Circular crest just forward of the bridge:

circular crest

Looking aft:

looking aft

Up aloft:

up aloft

Lowering the ensign at sunset:

lowering the ensign

Light detail:

lights on the ship

ship with lights