Variety of Ships

There was an interesting mix of ships to see at the harbor today.

Balao at Pier 1:


Matson Navigator along with Sause Bros. tugs Henry Sr. and Capt Les Easom:

Matson Navigator and Sause tugs

Interesting SWATH vessel, Susitna, on a barge on the way to the Philippines:

Susitna on barge

Chinese bulk cargo ship, Rui An Cheng:

Rui An Cheng

Rui An Cheng bow

Crew standing by:

crew standing by

Pi‘ilani working at the stern:

Pi‘ilani at the stern

Mikioi at the bow:

Mikioi at the bow

Splash! Testing the anchor:

testing anchor

Setting up rat guards:

deploying rat guards

Next job, Matson arrival. Mikioi with Mahimahi:

Mikioi Mahimahi

Mahimahi backing down the channel with assistance from Mikioi and Pi‘ilani:


Hello to new and old friends from McCabe, Hamilton & Renny. Always fun talking with you guys.


“Lost in Musing Circumstances…”

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan. Add to that a bit of drama and stir…

Yeah, it was that kind of week.

“Don’t surround yourself with yourself…”

It’s a bad thing, but that’s all I want to do now. Anyway…

There was a problem with the shiny, new gangway.

gangplank fail

The less said about that, the better.

I spent only about 40 minutes on the ship on Saturday. I did a quick walk around the deck, checked the list, and left. Among other things, my heart just wasn’t in it to do more. That was for the best because I had other matters to attend to.

Sea Princess rat guards:

Sea Princess rat guards

Yet another photo of the old anchor:


While I was trying to deal with taking photos through a gap in the fence, a large needlefish cruised by:


Beautiful colors…pointy teeth!

Draft marks on tug:


Male house finch in a tree at Pier 15:

house finch

“Turn yourself around…Turn your life around…Turn your world around…Turn this ship around…”

New contacts and a new project. Perhaps it’s possible.

Watch this space.

Adventure at Sea! Excitement! Action!


I spent yesterday morning doing maintenance, which included sweeping the fo’c’sle.

sweeping the fo'c'sle

A sad souvenir found on the port side:

sad souvenir

Dark clouds moved over the harbor…

view from poop deck

…and soon unburdened themselves (cue Kate Bush).


downpour on deck

rain hitting water

HC Rubina arriving in the rain:

HC Rubina arriving in the rain

Turned around and moving to Pier 2:

HC Rubina turned around

Kulamanu details. Another ship with an uncertain future.

Kula Manu detail

Kula Manu detail 1

The rain let up and I went on my usual post-ship work stroll.

Kolea yawning. Clearly not impressed by my attempts to take photos:

kolea yawn

Waiting for the fuel barge:

waiting for the fuel barge

Low tide. Clear, calm water. Anchor shank (seen previously).


One of these is not like the others:

purple tang with friends

A very striking, but non-native species, the purple tang (Zebrasoma xanthurum).

Mat zoanthids:

green stuff

This antenna ball at Pier 12 made me smile:

awesome car antenna ball

“Oo, I just know that something good is gonna happen.
I don’t know when, but just saying it could even make it happen.”