Relaxing Saturday

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a nice, carefree Saturday. Usually, there’s something I need to attend to or think about. It was great walking around, enjoying the sun and decent trades.

I spent most of the morning and early afternoon at the harbor (where else).

Westerdam was at Pier 10/11. Rat guards:

Westerdam rat guards

Hoku Ke‘a arrived with a barge (not pictured):

Hoku Ke‘a

Torm Kansas:

Torm Kansas

If you are not sure what company the ship belongs to:




More cars! Pacific Highway:

Pacific Highway

Pacific Highway detail

Part of ramp and some crew members:

Pacific Highway ramp and crew

Bunker barge Ne‘ena being moved from Westerdam over to Pride of America by Namahoe:


American Contender hauling a barge…

American Contender

…full of stuff (gravel, rocks, and machinery)

barge with stuff

Namahoe all pau until it’s time to move Ne‘ena again:


Salishan with Matson crane barge Mauna Loa:


Before I left the Aloha Tower area, I walked over to Pier 7 to check on things. The state has posted guards to keep people off the pier since it impounded Falls of Clyde, so not able to get too close.

Kulamanu (ex-Rella Mae), another one of the ships being pressured to leave the harbor by the state. Portholes and viewing windows being boarded up with plywood. Hum of engine (or generator).


Said hello to my old friend. A zebra dove sitting in the top band of the bowsprit cap:

dove on bowsprit

It’s all very sad.



I arrived at the harbor to catch the departure of Sichem Edinburgh and was surprised and very pleased to find Fanfare tied up at Pier 9. Honolulu was an unscheduled stop due to engine problems.

Fanfare name

The nice thing about having the ship at Pier 9 is the chance to have a good look at her.

Rat guards!

Fanfare rat guard 1

Fanfare rat guard

Bulbous bow marking:

Fanfare bulbous bow graphic

Lots of cool textures:

Fanfare draft marks

Fanfare hull texture 1

Fanfare hull texture

While I was checking out the hull, I was invited by Captain Enos to go out on the pilot boat for the Sichem Edinburgh job. 😀

Stern view of Fanfare while heading over to Sichem Edinburgh:

Fanfare stern

Mamo assisting:

Mamo Sichem Edinburgh

Job done, Captain Enos disembarks:

Capt Enos


Sichem Edinburgh

Nunui with a bone in her teeth:


Some of the HART train components at Pier 1:

HART train bits



I was also allowed to go out on the B. Sky job.

Alongside B. Sky at the pier with Hilo Bay astern of her:

alongside B. Sky with Hilo Bay

Hoku Loa:

Hoku Loa

Mamo assisting with Kukahi:

Mamo Kukahi

Back to Fanfare!


Fanfare lifeboat

More hull textures:

Fanfare hull texture 3

Fanfare hull texture 2


Fanfare scupper

Draft marks and Plimsoll line:

Fanfare TUG Plimsoll line

Hatch cover details:

Fanfare hatch detail

Fanfare hatch detail 1

Winches on the foredeck:

Fanfare deck winches

Mahalo to Captains Enos and Collins. Special thanks to Paul.

October 11 & 12

Some photos from Saturday and Sunday.

Statendam crew dealing with lines upon the ship’s arrival at Pier 10:

Statendam crew

Rat guards:

Statendam rat guards

Fixing a speaker on board Kaiyu Maru at Pier 9:

fixing a speaker

I think the timing of my action shots is improving.

Heaving line from Tosakaien Maru:

heaving line

(He probably should have tried coiling it before he threw it…)

Traditional hitching:


Another Early Morning…

…more ships.

Bravery Ace:

Bravery Ace

Tira Lani:

Tira Lani



Research vessel Hakuho Maru arriving:

Hakuho Maru

Approaching Pier 9:

Hakuho Maru approaching pier

Captain Ed Enos was the pilot on board:

Captain Enos

Senior lineman, Joseph Delsi, removing the heaving line from one of the ship’s mooring lines:

Joseph Delsi

Hakuho Maru crew setting up the gangway netting:

setting up gangway netting

Securing rat guards at the bow:

Hakuho Maru rat guards

Just another day at Honolulu Harbor!

Lovely Sunday

Sunday was one of those perfect days. Sunny, but not too hot.

nice day at the harbor

I went to the harbor to do some ship spotting. Yes, it’s become a ritual.

Ocean Charger:

Ocean Charger

Mumbai bow:

Mumbai bow

And rat guard:

Mumbai rat guard

Mikioi all pau with Maunalei:

Mikioi Maunalei

Bikes aloft on Kwai, ready to leave on cargo run:

bikes aloft

Asuka II heading out:

pilot ladder

“Hello up there!”

hello up there Asuka II

A returning:

A returning to harbor

Thanks to Captains Stenback and Collins, and to Paul.

On Guard Again

I arrived at the harbor a bit earlier than usual. I went to take a look at Crystal Serenity, which was at Pier 10/11.

Rat guards:

Crystal Serenity rat guards

Tug of the day…Nene:


As I made my way to the ship, I noticed that a flag had been hoisted on the staff at the stern. Strange.

The alarm on the ship had been tripped a couple of times during the week, so I was alert to any signs of an intruder as I went aboard and did my inspection. There were some small things I noticed. Not good.

blustery day

On a positive note, more work was done on the pump system:

PVC mock up

Mock up of part of the discharge line:

discharge alignment

Emergency. A fire truck and ambulance appeared on Pier 8:

Fire Department

I refreshed the yellow paint marking holes in the steel of the tween deck:

marking holes

Before I left the ship for the day, I went up on the poop deck to lower the flag. I was rather miffed by what I saw:

flag fail

Lubberly. That’s the word that comes to mind.

The line was fastened to the base of the staff, wrapped around the small cleat next to the staff, and pulled to the forward part of the steering gear where it was tied to the shaft of the wheel.

Worst of all, there was no down haul! Argh!


I climbed up on a step ladder to try to pull it down with a boat hook, but I couldn’t reach it. Grr. Frustration. I thought about standing on the steering gear, but it was quite blustery and I was afraid I’d lose my balance and end up taking a dive into the harbor.

So…the flag is still stuck on the staff. I hope we don’t get complaints that we’re being disrespectful.

I walked to Chinatown, where Chinese New Year festivities were taking place.

As this is a maritime blog…

Colorful fish:


Rear Admiral Richard Williams and the Pacific Fleet Band took part in the parade down Hotel Street:

Rear Admiral Richard Williams

Pacific Fleet Band

bass drum Pacific Fleet Band