Vida Mia Update

I was at Keehi Marine Center on Sunday night (assisting a friend). Vida Mia was there. It was nice to see the work being done on her. She looks a lot better!

Painting Will Have to Wait

Rainy weather yesterday meant that painting the weather deck had to be postponed.

That’s okay. There were still things that had to be done.

During my inspection, a number of fairy terns were flying above the bow of the ship and around the breadfruit tree:

fairy terns flying

I hadn’t checked the ullages in quite a while (yeah bad), so I made sure I did that. I was glad that it was cloudy or it would have been awfully hot and uncomfortable.

It wasn’t long before the sun made its appearance:

mixture of clouds and sun

I considered staying longer to do some sweeping, but decided to call it a day (still lazy, I guess).

Walking to City Mill, I saw that the harbor tenant shuffle had begun in earnest.

Oil spill response vessels and barge are now where the Superferry barges were:

Hawaii Responder and barge

Last Sunday

Still catching up, in terms of posts…

Another hot, humid day!

After doing housework in the morning, I decided to head out to the harbor. I stopped at West Marine first, to pick up new gloves, as my old pair was looking pretty ratty.

On the walk from West Marine to Aloha Tower, Superferry barges all gone:

Superferry barges all gone



Celebrity Century arriving:

Celebrity Century

A ride on the pilot boat to Pier 19.

The view is certainly improved, now that the barges are gone:

better view from Pier 19

Out to meet Manulani.

Captain Tom Collins going aboard:

TCollins Manulani

Returning to the harbor, Young Brothers barge Kukahi was holding up traffic:

holding up traffic

Ramps and a gangway belonging to Matson were being moved from the pier on to the barge.

Pi‘ilani helping to hold Kukahi steady:

Young Brothers barge Kukahi

The old HEI “Islands” logo is still visible to the right of “Limited.” Never noticed that before.

A female ‘iwa (the same one?) flying low over the water, fishing:

iwa fishing

Fix me!

needs fixing

Mahalo to Captains Heberle and Collins. Special thanks to Paul.

Still Lazy

Saturday was another hot, humid, and lazy day.



Kashima Maru arriving at Pier 9:

Kashima Maru

One of Kashima Maru‘s heaving lines:

heaving line

Not a monkey fist, but created using traditional skills.

Alpine Maria:

Alpine Maria

Pi‘ilani assisting:

Pi‘ilani Alpine Maria

JRS Corvus:

JRS Corvus

On the way to the ship, I stopped to look at the fairy terns in the breadfruit tree.

Parents making noise, probably not happy that I was standing there:

fairy tern parents

The youngster:

young tern

I was looking at the hull of the ship, when I saw something disturbing the surface of the water. I thought it was a school of fish. Moments later, a young honu (green sea turtle) poked its head up near the starboard bow.

I had my camera at hand, but was just a little too slow:


Too bad!

Basic tasks on board the ship.

Still Catching Up – Saturday Tankers (September 13)

The female ‘iwa graced the sky above the harbor again (photo similar to the one in the previous post).

Curious. The boom of one of the Matson gantry cranes was hanging out over the water with the spreader lowered:

gantry crane spreader

More tanker photos!

Eagle Express leaving lighter than when she arrived:

Eagle Express leaving

Miss Benedetta:

Miss Benedetta

As to my own tanker, I did the bare minimum. It was hot and humid and I was feeling lazy. There were some details I noticed while doing my usual inspection, but they concerned a project that I’m not involved with. Fired off email touching on a few points. Hope someone attends to them.

Still Catching Up – Friday Off (September 12)

Spent the day off from work down at the harbor looking at ships.

It was nice seeing a female ‘iwa soaring around:


First ship of the day was Eagle Express:

Eagle Express bow

Eagle Express

Mamo at the bow:

Mamo with Eagle Express

I had some time to kill before the next ship arrived, so I decided to go up to the observation deck of Aloha Tower.

The HPU dorm project continues. Workers re-roofing the buildings:

working on roof

One of the Superferry barges has disappeared:

two Superferry barges

Miss Benedetta anchored offshore:

MIss Benedetta offshore

Honolulu Harbor channel with Nord Steady in the distance:

Nord Steady approaching harbor

Nord Steady:

Nord Steady

Mamo again:

Mamo Nord Steady

Bow close ups are always fun:

Nord Steady bow

Noke and Namahoe (looked like a photo shoot):

Noke Namahoe



Moving a catamaran out of the dry dock:

catamaran out of drydock

Last ship of the day, BBC Bulgaria:

BBC Bulgaria

Harbor rock with a face:


Kind of reminds me of the kodama in Princess Mononoke